Dybbuk: Box of Horrors

Box 1

When people were watching Ghost Adventure LIVE:  the opening of the Dybbuk box, they were suspecting the box would be open LIVE on the show. It’s like they wasted their time watching other possessed evil dolls and haunted items they have collected over the years. Even constructor workers walk off during the installation and reconstruction of the 1938 building. The building itself was owned by Cyril S. Wengert, a business person. His family members passed away and left their energy at the house. Especially the basement, that’s the most evil place where the Dybbuk is located – sealed.

You have to know the history of each haunted item. If you don’t know who are you gonna called? Ghost Busters! I have the song stuck in my head.

They are countless documentary featuring the Dybbuk Box, and they say the same thing over and over again. It’s evil.

How did it get here? A Holocaust survivor by the name of Havela who bought wine box in Spain. Dybbuk means a restless or malicious spirit that can haunt the living. It’s a Hebrew descent, and it has the Shema prayer in it.  Kevin Mannis bought the box after Havela’s death. In the years of owning the box, he had been experienced strange and tragic events with his life. He purchased this box for his wife, and she suffers a stroke.  The wife pointed out the box and wrote a note that says “hate gift” the wife survives in the hospital.

Mannis tries to get rid of the box by selling it on eBay with a warning, that the box is evil and if they purchased your life would not be the same. And of course, people bought it and evil happened to them. What they have experienced were evil nightmares that took over their life. It’s the same thing with Ouija Board. When would people stop purchasing the Ouija Board, it’s evil like the Dybbuk Box, the box itself is more deadly than Ouija Board. Stop buying it and posting videos on YouTube and paranormal groups on Facebook saying: “have you tried it?” we get it, it’s evil. Don’t buy it for any reason. Save yourself.  I rather watch cooking shows!

Everyone is curious, is it real? Of course, it is, the box is locked up in a basement of Zak Bagan’s The Haunted Museum, where they have a lot of haunted items. Such as the Raggedy Ann Doll of Annabelle Lee, the staircase from Indiana’s “Demon House” before it was demolished in 2014. As well as the “Propofol chair” from Michael Jackson’s death room. A doll name Peggy caused nosebleeds.

Post malone

Post Malone, musician, and rapper, visit the haunted museum and the box. He touched it. He was followed by a black figure that emerges from the museum. Malone house was burglarized, the plane that he was on made an emergency landing, and he was in a severe car accident.  A visitor dropped to the floor in the Dybbuk chamber and needed medical attention.

The visitor who wanted to visit the museum, there’s a waiver they must sign. If you touch an item or take a picture, it will follow you. One of my friends who touch an object or take a photo hasn’t been himself/herself for the past two years. So sad, passed away. Listen to your tour guide!




Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest

logan-paul 1

YouTube star Logan Paul apologized for posting a video showing an apparent suicide victim in Japan’s “suicide forest,” drawing condemnation for appearing to use the death for comic purposes.

The video was pulled from Paul’s official YouTube channel but was re-loaded by other users on the service.

Mount Fuji

The Suicide Forest is located in Aokigahara Jukai, dense 14 –square – mile volcanic forest at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan Yamanashi Prefecture. Jukai means “Sea of Trees,” Jukai is known as Suicide Forest, the most popular suicide destination in Japan. (At least more than 200 bodies are found every year and still counting.) It’s a beautiful forest but very dangerous. It feeds off with your emotions and fears.


What Logan Paul saw was an actually a dead body which had just committed suicide earlier that day, this is real, his reaction was real. It was not staged. His crew filmed it, and it is true. People on YouTube land, please explain what is the Suicide Forest. If you don’t know what it is, do your research first.  If you are scrambling to see the video on YouTube good luck in finding it. It may be taken down anytime soon this week by YouTube legal team.

Remember suicide is not a joke, depression and mental illness is not a joke. They came to see the hauntings of the forest, but reality came in.  This happened a hundred yards from the parking lot!  His behavior is another story to question, we all know we don’t joke or laugh at a dead person. We must have respect dead.

It looks like he might suffer the consequences of his behavior and his celebrity on YouTube. He did apology his behavior for the victim and his family. Will this end his career?

The haunted forest is haunted by Yurei – unhappy, angry spirits with white clothes and long black hair. (Think about the ghost girl in The Ring) Some say their anguished howls are often heard between two and three a.m. – a time when it is too late, in more ways than one, to “talk about your troubles.”

People go to Japan for several reasons either for work, see another culture, and they know about the mountain and the suicide forest.

Oh, by the way, there was a movie made about the haunted forest called The Forest here’s my review.



The Streamy Awards 2017

poppy 1

We have the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and the Tony awards. However, have you heard of the Streamy Awards? The Streamy Awards is the best of YouTube Creators on YouTube and yes they get awards too for being creative and telling their stories to the world and we watch them because they are interesting and we could learn from them too.

We can learn anything if we watch YouTube videos and apply them to ourselves, like building a house?

Or create your own brand and tell interesting stories or knowledge you have, but it has to be entertaining to watch and keep it PG13.

The Streamy Awards honor the best online video and the creators behind it. The annual event bridges together the brightest names in YouTube and online video for a night of celebration, discovery, and meaningful recognition. 2017 recognize the best of them since it started seven years ago. It’s not the first time you have heard before.

The show was hosted by Jon Cozart, the presenters are YouTube celebrities and real celebrities.

Here are the winners



Creator of the Year

**Dolan Twins


Show of the Year

**Sugar Pine 7


Breakout Creator

**David  Dobrik


Story Teller

** King Bach



**Liza Kosby


Ensemble Cast

Mr. Student Body President


Branded Video or Series

The Disappearing Girl, Collins Key


First Person

**Lilly Singh


Action or Sci-Fi

**Crypt TV



**RWBY (Volume 4)



**Psycho Family



**BlackBoxTV (BlackBoxTV)


**Juanpa Zurita



Comedy Series

**Rhett & Link’s Buddy System


Drama Series



Indie Series

**Brown Girls


Non-Fiction Series




This is Everything Gigi Gorgeous




**Tess Christine



** LauraDIY



Worth it



**Smosh Games


Kids and Family

**Brooklyn & Bailey


News and Culture

**The Young Turks


Science or Education



Sports and Wellness




Acting in Drama

Destorm Power (Caught )



**Honest Trailers and Ryan Reynolds (“Logan Feat. Deadpool”)



Alyson Stoner



Breakthrough Artisit

** Poppy

Cover Song

**Ariana Grande, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (Judy Garland)




**Casey Neistat (Casey Neistat)


Costume Design

**Brandon Rogers, Kimberly Rice, and Jonathan Hinman (“Magic Funhouse”)



**Jack Ferry and Ryan Hunter (“Mr. Student Body President”)



**The Game Theorists (Edward Newton, Thomas Torbergsen, Alex Sedgewick, Ronnie Edwards, Daniel Seibert, Lee Black, and Ryder Burgin)


Visual and Special Effects

**Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer (Corridor)



**DeStorm Power (“Caught”)




Influencer Campaign

**Samsung (Casey Neistat)

You Have Talent, You got to find!

Ever since American Idol is not on the air anymore, but it will be back, because of the judges are music producers and singers, and they know what they look for in a singer if they have a good voice and the image is right for their label then they get a record label.

If you haven’t seen the recent episode of The Voice, they had teenagers in there 15 or 16, and they had incredible voices, the judges couldn’t tell if there were adults singing on the show and they got selected by their mentors on the show.

Why are these teenagers competing on The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent because they got talent and they want to show their talent and what they got? And possible land a record deal, to do that they must work hard and compete with others in the same group with other talented people.

If you dream to be famous, don’t dream, make it real. We have community theaters in our local area, auditions for plays, if you don’t get selected – work backstage – that’s the fun part.

Don’t dream of being a director, if you have a camera that takes good video and you have a good video editor software, tell good stories about your yourself, or make Tutorials, How-to’s, or Reviews of your favorite subjects and topics. Make us laugh!

Do it as regular basis, because editing takes time and follow the guidelines on YouTube, their rules and regulations. That’s how people get notice – they entertain us. Be like them and put your own flair in it. Many actors and musicians got their starts making videos, and now they are famous. YouTube is a platform for talented people.   Stop watching YouTube videos and make a video! Entertain us!

Did you know that most casting agencies go through YouTube videos and if the video has more than a quarter of million views (250,000 – like this number) they will consider you have something. Have you checked how many views they have and compare to yours? You have to be better than them. It’s like a job interview, you have to impress people.

Twiddling thumbs

Internet Ruin My life

It’s not my life, that’s your life. People live on Social Media Sites, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. There are many sites out there, but people have to be careful in how to use it, especially teenagers. They love to chat and post pictures of themselves doing crazy stuff. You know what they do on it. Getting attention to be popular in a bad way, that’s how they get arrested and go to jail for their consequences.

But it’s pays the price in the future when the get a real job. What you post now can ruin your career and life forever! Having a voice and opinion can ruin your life too, it can be embarrassing and the humiliation, that’s no good. Learn from people mistakes and it comes to haunt you.

How can you turn it around? It may be difficult to do. But you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as a social media marketer, promote something. Free advertising for businesses.

Where do you work? How many friends do you have on sites? Are they local in your area? If they are local then tell people to come out and enjoy the fun!

Even your local community newspaper may have some events coming in your area.  Just read the newspapers! The best resource you have! Is the newspaper and it is still popular and better than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In fact newspapers use these as social media sites to market their news and events that is going on in your area. Take advantage.

Remember some of your friends maybe boring, but the news or a major event in your local community area may be interesting to come out and see what is going on. Who wants to become bored and watch TV the whole day?  Or the internet? Take a day off from the internet and enjoy the good weather you have! And read a book!

Here are the answers for the test

Most middle schools, high school students or even college and university students should have a grasp to keep up their grades up.

Flash cards are the best remedy to remember a small amount of information held up for students to see as an aid for learning. With the small amount of learning, they will remember what they have been learning the whole time.

Another one is reading. Yep, we have to read to understand. It is not a novel, when Hollywood decided to put Calculus the movie or better yet a Broadway version production of Calculus: The Musical, which would be interesting to watch, with the song and dance numbers.

Anyway we still have to work out the problem to get an answer.

When reading, read to understand and read to visualize. If a student still can’t understand it. This student can type in some keywords in Google or Bing search engines and see what it is. If they have videos in YouTube, they would have a professional person from a typical university to explain it in an easy way for you. Especially how to videos, or certain blogs, that will help. Use it to your advantage to get a better understand. Use appropriate websites.

If teachers told the students don’t use Wikipedia. The student can use it as a reference and it can help you understand the problem a little better.

Always go to your school library to get more information of what you need.

Students can have a study group when there’s an exam coming up. Take notes don’t rely on memory. Of course, you do have to remember it.

Get a tutor in subjects you have difficult in. Use their facility, not every household have a white board. Or if you can get a white board with color dry erasers and do it at home to study. Study with a buddy who is little smarter than you. Seek friendship together.

Here are some websites that can help.

This site helps you make flash cards. All you have to do, is put in the information and it creates flash cards and games. It makes learning fun.


Also, you can use on your IPhone, instead of carrying bulking index cards.

If you have any trouble learning and wanted to explain more detail than your regular teachers or instructor. You don’t need any tutors. Just go to these sites.



Need help chemistry check out this site


Need help in American History check out this site.



Check out their videos and other documentaries. Interesting videos.

When writing papers check out this site


Do you know how to write a citation for your paper? Please check out this site. This could help.


How to become a successfully student in College or University

Why do we have to study in college or the university? We just want to sleep and pass the class. If we put our head in the books does that count as a passing the class? We just wanted the words to soak into our minds.

When freshman students enter college or university of their choice, the students have to study. The summer break is over, and fall is in session. Don’t major in vacation. Major in something that will help you get a job quickly within two years or less. Why waste time in a 4-year college or university? Major something that you love to do and get possible career out of it, health care is the popular field and IT specialist. We need the internet to access information.

How do we learn? Are we visuals learner or auditory learners? If we see something like a drawing on the white board how can we remember it? We can draw it back and possible explain it how we get that drawing. If we can remember what the instructor said and summaries the main points in the lecture, then we have to learn something. Ding, ding, ding.

Many of us like to stay up like vampires in the night, finishing up a last minute paper or cramming for a test. Or are we waiting for our vampire idols to come and take us away. Did Bella become a vampire in the last movie? If she was, she can help me with my studies or be my study buddy.

Cramming is not good. It could ruin your sleep patterns. So please get some sleep and don’t stay up all night, having less sleep may cause obesity, and we don’t want that to happened. We need to stay in shape.

Get enough sleep and smell good in the morning. Use proper hygiene. Smell good and dress to impress to get a good grade. Professor would like that, just wear proper clothing in the class. It’s not a fashion show.

Here’s a tip, once we get out of class. Go through your notes. Jot down any information you will need before the next class, this could be during your lunch break, or if you have any time between your classes. Summaries the main point of the subject that you just came out.

Get your classmates and have a debate about the subject matter. Have your own Viewpoint Study Party. Did I say party? One can be Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, Sheri Shephard and Elizabeth. Just have a good debate. No fighting and please do not post it on YouTube it can be embarrassing in the future.

If we follow what we have done in High School that we made good grades in all our subjects than do the same thing in college and university – manage your time. Do whatever you can do, to pass the class. Do not waste any time. If time is money then time is grades.

If students are taking online classes do the same thing, don’t waste your time looking at videos on YouTube, if it researched, then it’s okay. Once we finish one assignment earlier before the due date start working on the next assignment and once the due date comes along and we wants to add something else add it and send it out. We will never know what idea comes along or pop inside of our head, and that idea will give us an edge of our studies and grades. Just pay attention on due dates of assignments.