Caitlyn the Champion of Breakfast

Caitlyn Wheaties Box 2

Wow Bruce is a woman?

First, I thought it was a photo shoot and he wanted to play dressed up by raiding the closets of his wife and his daughter clothes. How did he make a decision of what to wear? What did he say?

“Maybe this one.”

“Not this.”

“Will this color matches my eyes?”

“This one is a little tight.”

“Slowly, slowly not too fast don’t ruin my eyebrows” [Taking off the bandages from the eyes]

“Kim you need to lose some pounds, daddy cannot wear this!”

By the way, she’s gorgeous. I bet every men want to hit on her and ask her out, then they find out she used to be a man. Will men want to run away from her? Will Caitlyn be the next poster girl for the next Wheaties box? Who knew?

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