Dexter Roberts 4 18 2014

Dexter Roberts, 22, was eliminated last night on Thursday night on American Idol.

Other past-eliminated contestants this season are:

Kristen O’Connor

Emily Piriz

Ben Briley

MK Nobilette

Majesty Rose

Malaya Watson

Dexter Roberts

I have been watching American Idol and voting for my favorite to win. You should do to, vote for your favorite instead guessing who will be going home. That’s not how it works. You have to call either their number or vote online, many times, this is not a presidential election where we have to vote one time. Vote many times on American Idol.

What was Demi Lovato doing at American Idol? She dropped by, plus American Idol needed some ratings to keep the show alive. Will she be a judge on American Idol? Not a chance! Her group on the X-factor, did not win. Plus, the X-factor got cancel and not enough sales of the contestants who won on the show, or ever produced. So Simon Cowell golden touch did not help for the X-factor. Simon Cowell, please come back on American Idol. I can babysit for you and the show will be number one again.

For the past contestants on this season of American Idol, some were great singers and they gave it all. No matter what you are, you still have to be a performer and get fans to support you.

So please vote for your favorite on American Idol on FOX at Wednesday and Thursday.