American Music Awards 2015

Jennifer Lopez hosted the show with multiple changes, luckily she did not wear Princes Lea bikini outfit from Star Wars.

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Every pop stars performed on stage; including Justin Bieber he did a fantastic performance. Who cares what he did in the past, he’s turning into pop artist musician, that’s what he wanted to be recognized. Every teenager goes to a phase, and make mistakes. He was not educated properly, but now he is. They need to be educated and learn how to respect one another.

Performers were Selena Gomez, Demi Lavota, Macklemore to Carrie Underwood and One Direction performing.


Alana & Demi
Alania & Demi – They got me dizzy by walking around especially Alanis. She can’t dance !



Demi 1
Demi lavato – I need confident


Selena Gomez 2
Selena Gomez an incredible performer


Megan Tranior Kissing who?
Megan Tranior Kissing who?


Chole Grace Mortez
Chloe Grace Mortez will star in a Live adaptation of the Little Mermaid


Weekend 1
Weekend on Fire


Halie Steinfeld 2
Halie Steinfeld – Feeling excited – Love Myself !!


Stars Wars
Star Wars This was interesting to listen. Now I am doing it!!


And they also give out awards too. Winners were Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and the Weekend


Artist of the Year:

One Direction


New Artist of the Year:

Sam Hunt


Song of the Year:

Taylor Swift, “Blank Space”


Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist:

Ed Sheeran


Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist:

Ariana Grande


Favorite Pop/Rock Duo/Group:

One Direction


Favorite Country Male Artist:

Luke Bryan


Favorite Country Female Artist:

Carrie Underwood


Favorite Pop/Rock Album:

Taylor Swift, 1989


Favorite Country Duo/Group:

Florida Georgia Line


Favorite Country Album:

Florida Georgia Line, Anything Goes


Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist:

Nicki Minaj


Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album:

Nicki Minaj, The Pinkprint


Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist:

The Weeknd


Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist:



Favorite Soul/R&B Album:

The Weeknd, Beauty Behind the Madness


Favorite Alternative Artist:

Fall Out Boy


Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist:

Taylor Swift


Favorite Latin Artist:

Enrique Iglesias


Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist:

Casting Crowns


Favorite EDM Artist:

Calvin Harris


Favorite Soundtrack:

Pitch Perfect 2


Collaboration of the Year:

Skrillex and Diplo featuring Justin Bieber, “Where Are Ü Now”



American Idol: Dexter Robert eliminated

Dexter Roberts 4 18 2014

Dexter Roberts, 22, was eliminated last night on Thursday night on American Idol.

Other past-eliminated contestants this season are:

Kristen O’Connor

Emily Piriz

Ben Briley

MK Nobilette

Majesty Rose

Malaya Watson

Dexter Roberts

I have been watching American Idol and voting for my favorite to win. You should do to, vote for your favorite instead guessing who will be going home. That’s not how it works. You have to call either their number or vote online, many times, this is not a presidential election where we have to vote one time. Vote many times on American Idol.

What was Demi Lovato doing at American Idol? She dropped by, plus American Idol needed some ratings to keep the show alive. Will she be a judge on American Idol? Not a chance! Her group on the X-factor, did not win. Plus, the X-factor got cancel and not enough sales of the contestants who won on the show, or ever produced. So Simon Cowell golden touch did not help for the X-factor. Simon Cowell, please come back on American Idol. I can babysit for you and the show will be number one again.

For the past contestants on this season of American Idol, some were great singers and they gave it all. No matter what you are, you still have to be a performer and get fans to support you.

So please vote for your favorite on American Idol on FOX at Wednesday and Thursday.

X Factor Audition Process

Simon and the Girls 9 14 2013

When Rylie Brown performed her song she almost forget the words of the song, but she recovered and made a tremendous come back. She had a great voice and determination. The judges like her and Simon said “you are the one to watch” meaning will she win the competition?

When Yosselm Marquez performed she sang and good voice, but why was she using her phone? She did not know the words of the song, but she had the lyrics on her phone. Is that how she cheats in school?  And yet she thought she would be a Latin bombshell Diva just like Paulina and the song she sang was a massacre.  It looked like she never saw the show and she did not know the rest of the judges, especially Simon.  She went home to her rock.

Roxxy Montana, sassy, adorable sibling trio who start strong on Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only.” But it quickly falls apart.  They regroup, however, and come back strong with an a cappella church song. And it work, with the right training they will do better when they got chosen to participant to be on the X-factor.

Denise Weeks, a subway singer, sang Whitney’s “Greatest Love of All” with the music track, but she was rushing with the song. Simon stopped the music and told her to sing a cappella and take her time and she did. She sang it perfectly with emotions.  No more singing in the Subway.

They should have shower install on the stage for contestants could sing in the shower.

Simone Torres sang and performed “Mustang Sally” it was good.  Her voice was bluesy and husky and bold.  If they can mold her into something modern, she could make it far.

Jorge Peña an Ice Cream truck sales and driver he knows his flavor with the girls and he’s a smooth operator. He sang good.  He insulted Demi by calling her woman and Demi did not like it. Paulina spoke to him in Spanish and he understood what she said. Paulina said in Spanish to straighten up with his behavior or go home immediately. I hope Demi doesn’t get him to be his Mentor. Background check anyone?

When a contestant Jocelyn Hinton sang, it was a little bad, but she kept on singing. The judges said no. It was not her calling to be a singer. So Simon walked her off the stage, because she would not go home.

When Russ Pouliot, elderly  sang Moon River the  generation gap of baby boomers or better yet generations X, the younger people booed him off. He did not sing good, it must have been generation Z, like in Zzzz. Asleep. Simon Cowel sang worst than him. If Simon was a music producer he could have used auto-tune it. They both went home. I meant the Russ went home.

So how was the show? With the new judges, all female judges and Simon included. It could be good.  Who will get what? The group, the over 25, boys and girls. The judges will be mentors of these contestants to be better singers and we will judge later when it comes to the live shows.