As you know, by now Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty, were both contenders of the X-factor. They battle it out with a showcase of who will stay on the show, and it was the judges pick to save them.

LA Reid saved his singer and so did Simon. The women judges had a difficult choice. Paula agreed with Simon’s choice of saving Rachel Crow. Rachel has been more potential than Marcus, even though he was good. Rachel was sure she was safe, just because it was the judges pick and one more vote, which declared she will be back for another week and dazzle us again with her soulful performance.

Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand, could not decide.  Nicole knew Rachel was a good singer, and the audience knew she was good. It was her performance on Wednesday night that the judges criticize her and her song choice, that made the audience think she may not be up to it, just because her song choice, but loved her performance on stage.

What did America think? Did they think she was not good at all, just because she picked the wrong song? Her performance was great. Rachel Crow and her self- confident trusted the judges on their opinions and she would stay.

Nicole like them, both and the rules said she had to pick one, either that they go for a deadlock, which is a tie or the host would read the name who had the lowest amount of votes.

Nicole thought she was safe and so did Rachel, but when the host announced and read the name who was going home Rachel was literally was in shock. She collapsed to the stage, crying. Her mother rush to her and so did Simon Cowell, to comfort her. This was Simon second girl who went home.

Will Nicole come back to the X-factor in the fall of 2012? We would never know and shame on her for not choosing Rachel Crow to stay in the competition. And shame on the X-factor fans for not voting her.