The Vampire Diaries has it all, Vampires, werewolves, and witches oh my… However, the tonight episode has never had a ghost on the show, until now.

There were filming on location in Covington, GA, the house is the famous Gaither’s Plantation, and it’s haunted.

Cecilia Gaither and her husband W.H. Gaither ran a cotton plantation in Newton County in the 1800’s, and although she died over half a century ago. Her presence today is still in the house.  Cecilia had several children. The oldest is Clara died at the age of 9 and buried in the family cemetery on the grounds of the Gaither’sPlantation.  When her husband died and he was buried right next to Clara, in the Gaither cemetery on the grounds. Cecilia was all alone in the house. Her love with flowers kept her busy. The Roaring Twenties is a phrase used to describe the 1920s, principally in North America, but also in London, Berlin, and Paris. The phrase was meant to emphasize the period’s social, artistic, and cultural dynamism. ‘Normalcy’ returned to politics in the wake of World War I, jazz music blossomed. The flapper redefined modern womanhood. Art Deco peaked, and finally the Wall Street Crash of 1929 served to punctuate the end of the era, as The Great Depression set in.  In 1921, Cecilia was forced to sell the plantation and the family cemetery. She could not pay the $28.00 owed in taxes. So she died, broken-hearted, and depressed.

When they were filming an episode of the Vampires Diaries, Nina Dobrev who plays doppelgangers Elena and Katherine, the crew and the rest of the cast had their paranormal activity. Nina Dobrev, mention a phantom piano player interrupted a shoot.  The AD started screaming “Stop! Whoever that is, stop the music. We’re rolling!” But when the AD barged into the piano room, it was empty.

At another point, the lights began flickering while she was in the bathroom. At first, she thought her co-stars were playing tricks on her but she says, again, no one was nearby and “the lights were just spontaneously coming on and off.”  said Nina Dobrev.

The whole crew shared “weird feelings” while filming at the Gaither. But no one could not pinpoint the location in the house. Maybe in the filming process, the ghost may show up.

Ghost Hunters on the SyFy

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“We have a lot of theories,” Amy Bruni, one of the Ghost Hunters paranormal investigators, told us today about the hauntings. “The place is very historical—it’s been around for a long time. There’s a lot of history in that area. Sometimes we see that associated with the paranormal activity, especially tragedies or things like that where something might not want to leave.

“I wouldn’t blame them,” Ami laughs. “It’s a beautiful location.”

Ami says The Vampire Diaries crew aren’t the mysterious piano player’s first audience. “I know piano playing has been reported there before,” she told us, theorizing that “it could be what we consider a residual haunt.  Something that doesn’t necessarily interact with you but it kind of does things—goes through the motions.”

The Ghost Hunters crew believe they found pretty conclusive evidence of paranormal activity during their investigation at the Gaither Plantation. “We basically put some flour down on the floor upstairs in the attic, left it and came back and there were footsteps in it.” (Goosebumps!) “It’s a very old-fashioned way of investigating. And then there was a cabinet door downstairs that we caught on camera that opened on its own [and] we heard footsteps throughout the location. It’s been awhile but I do remember it pretty well as a really neat place.”

A neat place to go on a dare, maybe, but would you want to work there?

“I don’t think we’ve shot there since,” Dobrev said.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW; Ghost Hunters returns to Syfy June 1 with a special investigation of Pearl Harbor.