Being a superhero is no easy task, just asked Phoenix Jones, who is this guy?  He needs a better name like Phoenix Jones. How about just plain Phoenix and with wings, if he can fly.

He’s a superhero in Seattle. In order to be a hero they have to have powers, for him nothing, the costume is bright and colorful. He should have worn protective gear like a bulletproof outfit, underneath his costume, or on top of it and painted with different colors to make it pretty. How about sparkles?

I thought superhero was not supposed to be injured on the job. He got a broken nose from a fight. He did hold a person down. He should have called 911 first and then catch the crook. When he held him down the other person pointed the gun at him and the crooks got away. He should have a utility belt like the one batman would have and all the gadgets he need to fight crime, a taser gun and a cell phone. Did batman have these gadgets when he was fighting crime? Maybe, but not sure.

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