Just because Justin Bieber or Beaver has a girlfriend now, it doesn’t mean the fans of Justin Bieber have to attack his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.  His fans are crazy. Maybe one of the fans might become a stalker and stalked Selena Gomez. It’s crazy. His fans have to grow up. Every teen grows up to be an adult and make choices. If these pre-teens know better of Justin Bieber and they think they could date Justin Bieber, these pre-teens should have one thing – a driver license!

Pretty soon Selena Gomez will close all her social sites and no one will know what she’s up to her fans of teens and pre-teens will be left in the dark. I hope Justin Bieber will close all his social sites that will drive all his fans of teens and pre-teens into the dark. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have a right to close their social sites, they created it and they can delete it. If they get some craze stalker fans they would be arrested immediately. They have a right to have a private life.