In Elizabeth City, NC, there’s a place where a mother, daughter, and nephew are being haunted by something evil more like a portal of evil on this land. If you are sober from alcoholism and drugs, this evil entity will tempt you back to drugs and addiction.

The team from The Dead Files, Amy Allan psychic and medium and Steve DiSchiavi he’s a retired NY homicide detective. They have investigated the area, and what they found will shock you and the community of Elizabeth City, NC.

In the 1870s, Daniel Jennings, Civil War veteran, he owned 220 acres of land in Elizabeth City, NC. He wasn’t a good soldier. He had a bad temper, and he killed a man. In 1875 he was charged with the murder. He died a few yards away from the house.

The family who stayed in the house have seen black shadows going to room to room and even moaning sounds as they walked by. And also alter their behavior to one another. 

In 1935, Lana Hurdle thought her daughter had diphtheria, it was the infection of the nose and throat, and it could be a cure by a vaccine. The daughter had an intestinal disease, and that killed her. The mother was so saddened about her death and that the mother committed suicide by taking toxic chemicals from the kitchen and killed herself.

The family would see an apparition of a woman walking and a little girl with jagged clothes with black hair in the corner of the house starring at them with a sunken face and disappear. One of the family members said that the nephew got possessed, but it didn’t work.

In 1995, Glenn Guarino, military Vietnam veteran went missing, his wife Deborah would tell his friends that he would take long trips without telling his friends.

Glenn would go to the Vietnam War Veterans gatherings and talk to his old friends. He was a sniper back then, and he was wounded. So, he would tell war stories to the group.

While he was away, he didn’t know that his wife was having an affair with Perry Woltz.

Glenn’s Nissan Pathfinder was at the house, and it was possible of how he would go to New Jersey.

His friends and family got suspicious of where he could be. Including his mother, Pamela, from New Jersey who hasn’t heard from him a while. She knew he had PTSD. So, she filed a missing report on him to find him.

According to sources, he was found dead beneath a fishpond in the backyard, and he was shot dead by his wife.

She was found guilty and her boyfriend Perry was let go.

This was a love triangle gone bad.

What made his wife kill him is still a mystery to this day. Was she possessed? Or was it the portal of evil on the land.