Baby Sitting MP 6 19 2016

Do you want to watch something free next weekend? You can save forty dollars, instead of going to a movie hall to watch the latest blockbuster movie. Who wants to see a dead body in the movie while watching the Conjuring 2: Enfield Hauntings, that really happened. When the lights came on the usher notice a someone who was still sitting on the chair, he poked the body and it fell to the floor. He was dead. That was for real? Weird. Strange. And who wants see The Game of Thrones while one of the female leads was nude in the fire. It got me watching every week. Is that appropriate for children? Finding Dory? That’s an animate movie, it’s good. I love watching animated movies. Just get it on DVD when it comes out either three to four months. And your children wanted to see it over and over again, just put in The Conjuring and that will scare your children. Just teasing don’t do that.

The Disney Channel is marking their 100th entry of original Disney Channel originally movies or DCOM.  If you have been watching Disney movies during the Memorial Day weekend in 2016, some of the movies we haven’t seen for a long time.  These are child actors who started early in their careers they either still in the acting business or ventures in adulthood with family and decided to quit show business to raise a family and have a different careers. And they still get residual checks from their films they made in the past.

The Adventures of Baby Sitting will be premiering on June 24, 2016, on the Disney Channel.  It stars Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson as two competing babysitters. It is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name. 100th entry in the network’s canon of original, made-for-TV films.

It stars Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola (Sofia Carson) (Disney Channel actors, if you don’t know them, ask your children) are two personality-opposite high school seniors with a passion for photography. Jenny needs someone to babysit a family because she can’t, and after she switches phones with Lola by accident, Lola decides to go babysit due to her needing to pay a traffic ticket.

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