Kellie and Derek 5 22 2013Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough won Dancing with The Stars.

“Oh my God! This is amazing! Oh my God!” a surprised-looking Pickler said after hugging her pro partner, Derek Hough.

Derek won four times and every time he competes, he always has a gorgeous woman to dance with and when they dance his points with the judges are always between 8 and 10.  I know it is a competitive sport and Derek likes to compete, which is good and he’s an excellent choreographer, they are other dancers who will love to have the Mirror Ball. What do second and third contestants get when they reached this milestone of achievement? They should get some good prizes on the show.

Zendaya took second place.

“I’m very proud. I’m very happy and I get to leave here with an amazing experience, so I’m very happy,” she said.

Len Goodman praises her for being competitive dancer and she will be star soon. But does he knows, Zendaya is on the hit Disney Show called “Shake it up Chicago” on the show she’s a hip hop dancer.  Now she gained new ballroom dance moves.  Would she bring ballroom dance to “Shake it up Chicago” or will her dance partner come on the show? Like a crossover for “Dancing With The Stars”.  I wanted her to win.

Another stronger performer was Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman was eliminated in the first hour of the results show, ending the competition in fourth place.

“This has been the best experience of my life. Thank you, ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ It’s been so amazing,” Aly Raisman said.

Raisman turned in physically demanding routines that capitalized on her gymnastic skills, but judges also said she’d shown remarkable development of her dance abilities. I wanted her to win.