Dybbuk: Box of Horrors

Box 1

When people were watching Ghost Adventure LIVE:  the opening of the Dybbuk box, they were suspecting the box would be open LIVE on the show. It’s like they wasted their time watching other possessed evil dolls and haunted items they have collected over the years. Even constructor workers walk off during the installation and reconstruction of the 1938 building. The building itself was owned by Cyril S. Wengert, a business person. His family members passed away and left their energy at the house. Especially the basement, that’s the most evil place where the Dybbuk is located – sealed.

You have to know the history of each haunted item. If you don’t know who are you gonna called? Ghost Busters! I have the song stuck in my head.

They are countless documentary featuring the Dybbuk Box, and they say the same thing over and over again. It’s evil.

How did it get here? A Holocaust survivor by the name of Havela who bought wine box in Spain. Dybbuk means a restless or malicious spirit that can haunt the living. It’s a Hebrew descent, and it has the Shema prayer in it.  Kevin Mannis bought the box after Havela’s death. In the years of owning the box, he had been experienced strange and tragic events with his life. He purchased this box for his wife, and she suffers a stroke.  The wife pointed out the box and wrote a note that says “hate gift” the wife survives in the hospital.

Mannis tries to get rid of the box by selling it on eBay with a warning, that the box is evil and if they purchased your life would not be the same. And of course, people bought it and evil happened to them. What they have experienced were evil nightmares that took over their life. It’s the same thing with Ouija Board. When would people stop purchasing the Ouija Board, it’s evil like the Dybbuk Box, the box itself is more deadly than Ouija Board. Stop buying it and posting videos on YouTube and paranormal groups on Facebook saying: “have you tried it?” we get it, it’s evil. Don’t buy it for any reason. Save yourself.  I rather watch cooking shows!

Everyone is curious, is it real? Of course, it is, the box is locked up in a basement of Zak Bagan’s The Haunted Museum, where they have a lot of haunted items. Such as the Raggedy Ann Doll of Annabelle Lee, the staircase from Indiana’s “Demon House” before it was demolished in 2014. As well as the “Propofol chair” from Michael Jackson’s death room. A doll name Peggy caused nosebleeds.

Post malone

Post Malone, musician, and rapper, visit the haunted museum and the box. He touched it. He was followed by a black figure that emerges from the museum. Malone house was burglarized, the plane that he was on made an emergency landing, and he was in a severe car accident.  A visitor dropped to the floor in the Dybbuk chamber and needed medical attention.

The visitor who wanted to visit the museum, there’s a waiver they must sign. If you touch an item or take a picture, it will follow you. One of my friends who touch an object or take a photo hasn’t been himself/herself for the past two years. So sad, passed away. Listen to your tour guide!




Bill Boards Music Award: Michael Jackson Performed


Oh well, some people don’t like holograms images of Michael Jackson performing on stage, because it looks creepy when a dead performer sings for the crowd, hey it’s Michael Jackson. It supposed to be creepy but in a good way. He still have unreleased songs that was never recorded, Michael Jackson was a genius in a good way, but not creepy.  

It took a couple of years of planning to bring him alive, who would not see a zombie Michael Jackson performing live with Thriller, that would perfect for him.

Anyway, the performance were great, on the Bill Board Music Awards, it’s great to see a hologram Michael Jackson performing. Will there be more of the hologram Michael Jackson performing? Or other dead performers coming back to life to perform on TV, it would be difficult for a hologram concert of the dead celebrities. What happened if the power goes out?  

LA Reid and his staff did an incredible job to resurrected Michael Jackson to perform in front of live audience.

Here’s a list of winners:

TOP ARTIST: Justin Timberlake

TOP 100 HOT SONG: “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke (featuring T.I. & Pharrell)

TOP BILLBOARD 200 ALBUM: “The 20/20 Experience,” Justin Timberlake

TOP DUO/GROUP: Imagine Dragons



TOP MALE ARTIST: Justin Timberlake


TOP HOT 100 ARTIST: Imagine Dragons

TOP BILLBOARD 200 ARTIST: Justin Timberlake





TOP R&B ARTIST: Justin Timberlake



TOP ROCK ARTIST: Imagine Dragons




TOP R&B ALBUM: “The 20/20 Experience,” Justin Timberlake

TOP RAP ALBUM: “The Marshall Mathers LP2,” Eminem

TOP COUNTRY ALBUM: “Crash My Party,” Luke Bryan

TOP ROCK ALBUM: “Night Visions,” Imagine Dragons

TOP LATIN ALBUM: “3.0,” Marc Anthony

TOP DANCE/ELECTRONIC ALBUM: “Random Access Memories,” Daft Punk

TOP CHRISTIAN ALBUM: “Precious Memories: Volume II,” Alan Jackson

TOP DIGITAL SONG : “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke (featuring T.I. & Pharrell)

TOP RADIO SONG: “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke (featuring T.I. & Pharrell)

TOP STREAMING SONG (AUDIO): “Radioactive,” Imagine Dragons

TOP STREAMING SONG (VIDEO): “Wrecking Ball,” Miley Cyrus

TOP R&B SONG: “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke (featuring T.I. & Pharrell)

TOP RAP SONG: “Can’t Hold Us,” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Ray Dalton)

TOP COUNTRY SONG: “Cruise,” Florida Georgia Line (featuring Nelly)

TOP ROCK SONG: “Royals,” Lorde

TOP LATIN SONG: “Vivir Mi Vida,” Marc Anthony


TOP CHRISTIAN SONG: “Hello, My Name is,” Matthew West

ICON AWARD: Jennifer Lopez

Erika Van Pelt leaves American Idol

Last night was theme of Billy Joel songs being sung by American Idol contestants.

The group sang Billy Joel song, “The longest Time” great song, but they weren’t in tune, but they did learn the lyrics of the song. That’s good enough, Elise did have her longest time on Steven Tyler lap.

Wow, Steven Tyler never heard of Billy Joel, was he under a rock during the 1980’s. He could have been stoned – stoned in a good way.

Erika Van Pelt went from being blonde to more outstanding and being an individual group. She looked like Pink but better and her hair absolutely gorgeous. She was hardly not recognized by the contestants of American Idol, but she looked like a star of her own.

Being funny and humorous, this is what Heejun Han has to say about Erika Van Pelt new do “When she walked in, she looked just like my mom, because she has the same cut as my mom. I was like ‘Mom, what are you doing here?’ But I looked at her carefully, and it was Erika.”

Unfortunately, Heejun mom would not be coming back. I meant Erika. She was eliminated, last night. She looked gorgeous with her new do and her performance was fantastically.

I don’t know what America was looking for. However, she did sing again for the judges to prove that she belongs on American Idol. The judges decided to let her go, but she was beautiful, and her singing was great, too bad to see her go. However, she will come back for the summer tour with American Idol in 2012.

The rest of the top nine contestants would stay in a mansion; I hope the mansion is not haunted. Most mansions in California are haunted, if they stayed in Michael Jackson mansion, they will be inspired and the ghost of Michael Jackson would appear and  critic their music or sing with Michael Jackson. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So please America please vote for your favorite. Make a good decision.

Billy Ray Cyrus: ‘Hannah Montana’ destroyed his Family

Bring Back  the Family In an interview in GQ magazine Billy Ray Cyrus said the hit TV show on the Disney Channel “Hannah Montana” has destroyed his family.

In a December interview published in the Feb. 22 issue of GQ Magazine, Cyrus said he wished the show that launched his daughter to pop stardom had never happened.

“I hate to say it, but yes, I do. Yeah. I’d take it back in a second,” Cyrus said. “For my family to be here and just be everybody OK, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic. Heck, yeah. I’d erase it all in a second if I could.”

Cyrus and his wife, Tish, filed for divorce in October. They have three kids together — Miley is the oldest — and two from Tish’s previous marriage.

Miley Cyrus should have seen this coming; Billy Ray did not go to his daughter birthday party back in November 2010. She wanted to be treated like an adult. Would an adult let her go to party and use some weird smoking device to make herself go high. What was she thinking? Think like an adult would do. She’s 18 now and this year she would be 19. Think more like what would a teen adult would do. Can she still be a role model to her fans?

Would she be like Lindsay Lohan and go crazy, getting drunk, stealing jewelry and going to court? I don’t want my role model do this. She even looked up to Hilary Duff as a pioneer of teen star of the Disney Channel. I still watch Hilary Duff movies whenever I get a chance.  Hilary Duff is much better than Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus says in the interview that he tried too hard to be a friend instead of a parent to his daughter. He said he is scared for Miley and compared her current path to those of other stars whose lives ended tragically, including Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson.

Billy Ray Cyrus compared the recent deaths of today’s celebrities and they were young, look what happened to them. They had fame, but they were driven to drugs, the dark side of Hollywood.

“I should have been a better parent,” Cyrus said. “I should have said, ‘Enough is enough — it’s getting dangerous and somebody’s going to get hurt.’ I should have, but I didn’t. Honestly, I didn’t know the ball was out of bounds until it was way up in the stands somewhere.”

It is always the parents fault, they don’t see the sign of their child problems. Ignoring them makes it worst.  Don’t be a friend to them, be a family to your child. Ask questions, communicate with your child. Do what other actors who portray good family TV roles would do to communicated with their child. Billy Ray Cyrus is an actor, the writers wrote good lines for he can be a better actor in Hannah Montana. Can he think like what would Billy Rod Steward would say?

He said his entire family was baptized before leaving Tennessee for Los Angeles to protect them from evil, and he believes Satan is attacking his family.

We have all heard the downfall of teen star when they grow up to be an adult, they disappeared. Where are they now, doing drugs and drinking, their life is over. I hate to see this on Miley Cyrus. She has her whole life in front of her and what does she do. I hope she does not run around here and there after men after men who can control her wild behavior.

Billy Ray Cyrus, said it right Hollywood is tempted to the dark side of fame. Once you are tempted with fame, it goes through your head and you cannot come down. People are not thinking probably. Money cannot bring you happiness nor fame too. Controlling your life, being responsible and entertain us in a good way would generate more fans as they get older.

Michael Jackson as a Ghost!

You probably heard by now that Michael Jackson passed away June 25, 2009. When I heard this on the heard news the first time, he had a heart-attack, I thought he will be okay.

But when I heard that he had died. The music slow down and the music fade away. I thought it would be like an episode of “Dallas” when I woke up. It will be dream and nothing happened.

He left behind a legacy of music. His music will be remembered over a long period of time. Whenever you hear it at a grocery store or in an elevator, people will remember him of his music.

His allegation of molesting boys at his ranch was false the parents wanted money from him. He was found not guilty in the 2005. If people think he was, molesting boys, he will be jailed already and he will die sooner than you think. The woman from the “Thriller” video wanted to sue Michael Jackson too. She wanted money! She’s needs to get a life and stop suing people. She’s dating a lawyer now. Why sue? Sue your date!

Why are people coming out of the wood work and wanted to sue Michael Jackson? She will never win. He’s broke. He has children. He’s dead. Leave the dead alone. Michael Jackson will haunt her.
Wouldn’t that be ironic? Michael Jackson as a ghost at his Neverland Ranch? It will be a dream for the Ghost Hunters to explore his house. The Ghost Hunters will hear “Thriller” playing in the background – that will be scary. And the real zombie of Michael Jackson will appear out of no where.

Here’s my biggest pet peeve. Why do celebrities take drugs or prescription medicine? Of course, they do need energy and stay awake to write good music and perform better on stage or screen. But why? They are taking a big risk in their career. Anna Nicole Smith died of overdose of prescription medicine. Elvis Presley too. How many of good actors and musicians TODAY are taking medicine. If they want to live – they should stop taking drugs and overdose on prescription medication!

Celebrities will never learn. They are not our role models. They do not know how to behave and they have fans that looked up to them. Celebrities are not good role models.