This is a very important question. Everybody should know his or her biggest mistake in life.

Maybe starting a business in during the economic recession, we are having. People are watching their money, every pinch of it, and we are watching our wallets. Will people buy it even though it cost more than the store brand?

My biggest mistake is, is it too late to get a job during this economic time we are having. Just because I am getting training how to be a librarian online from another school in North Carolina.  I see an ad and apply and I don’t get the call. I wonder how many people like me wanted that same job. If the other person is more experience than I?  What is it? I don’t have and that person got it. Is it experience? I am taking training classes online getting to know how the library works and they wanted someone with experience? Why flipping burgers and ask “Would you like fries with that?”

I am glad they asked this question on Miss Universe, “What’s your biggest mistake in life” It’s a wake up call to everyone who wants to win. Who wants that job? Many people are mad at the judge on the Miss Universe Pageant, she did answer the question in a professional and positive way. But did not win.  If she admitted that she took drugs or be a strip pole dancer, would she admit on live TV? No. I bet Simon Cowel from American Idol would ask that same question to potential contestants who wants to win American Idol. Or an employer would ask this question. Do you admit from your past that you did something wrong and loose your spot just because the slip of the tongue? Or would you do it again? We have to change. We have to move forward in life. Why bring out the skeleton out of the closet? Loose that key and throw it away. The biggest mistake we have to be is how we choose our words carefully.

In other words, if someone ask that question to you. “What is your biggest mistake in life” how would answer that?