My family and I had a scare yesterday. My mom had cramps in her leg, and we have to run to Urgent Care and the hospital over the weekend.

If there’s an injury for any kind reason it is always nice to go to Urgent Care or some doctors on call, because doctors don’t work on weekends, they need a day off. Or if doctors work on the weekend and take house calls, then it’s great.

Hospitals can be great too. They would put the patient in bed for the rest for a week, plug the patient with all kinds of tubes of IV, at the end of the week the doctor would come in and tell you that you are good to go. Then you go back with no apparently reason.

“Why are you back?” Ask the doctor.

“I saw the bill and I had a heart Attack!” the patient said.

Sometime, the expenses on the bill can be enormous, especially the x- ray. They have to scan the body to find out what is wrong and see the inside. Is that the invasion of privacy? Is it necessary? Can they use an iPad to scan the body? Is there an app for that? I would use that a lot to scan my body. What my penis has no bone?

I rather go to the airport and have one of those TSA agents touch or scan my body for any broken bones or look for a blood clot and it would be cheaper as a plane ticket.

They took one ultra sound picture for my mother and she had no blood clot in legs. She’s okay. They told her eat bananas and drink water for cramps.

Blood clots are formed when a person sits too long playing Angry Birds part 13 the video game on their play station console. Writing and thinking of articles ideas and typing articles just like this one. I’m good. I took a tinkle break and lunch break. Or watching a marathon of “All in the Family” on TV land. Why messed up the sofa and use a can of Febreze to cover up the odor? You need a tinkle break.

Ever body has this once in a while, the registration for clients at the hospital who are injured and needed help. If the registrar sees a person with a harpoon through his chest, it’s shark week on Discovery channel and leave the patient hanging with a harpoon through its chest.

Sometime, I swear this happened to me and my family once in a while. Even though my parents lived in this country almost 45 years, my dad teaches at the University. My mom used to teach at the university too and retired. They are both U.S. citizens, and I was born in the states.

The new people at the hospital always asked for ID and insurance. See, my mom doesn’t have an ID but medical insurance. He was asking about deportation. Deportation!? My mom lived in the city for the past 45 years. She taught at the University, and I was born in the hospital – and I know the room number too for the pass 40 years ago. My mom was admitted to the hospital two years ago for a back injury. So did my dad too for some penis problem. I had a broken leg. What more can he ask? So he typed in the medical insurance number it was clear to go. Then he tells me where the x-rays. Been there, done that, I know where it is. People do live under a rock, especially new people in their 40s.