Jay Leno’s Cholesterol 911

Who stays up late and watch the late night shows like Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Jay Leno. Oops wrong people, these are the originals king of late night on NBC, these comedians know how to make us laugh at night and wake us up in the morning, and we feel happy.  

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon
Watch Jay Leno on CNBC

Jay Leno still makes an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, whenever he promotes a cause, book or his new show Jay Leno’s Garage on the CNBC. Whenever he interviews celebrities or car owners, Jay Leno loves cars he even fixes old antique car and today’s cars too, he still makes me laugh, and I learn a thing about cars.   

Jay Leno said in an interview that he isn’t laughing at late night television anymore, they need better writers and Jay Leno sleeps early.

The late-night shows have become ‘too political,’ and comics are having a tough time writing topical jokes and poke fun at people in a good way. We get tired hearing Trump Jokes all the time.

Can we please stop telling Trump jokes and poke fun at other stuff. Or something else.  Why not Nancy Pelosi, she looks funny even babies are crying at her just because she seems weird.  We want good entertaining comedians, and they are some out there when the host invites them to tell jokes, and they are quite funny, better than the host.

Jay Leno said it best “Clinton was horny, and Bush was dumb, and it was just a little easier.”

Nowadays, the late-night host are struggling to keep an audience especially the viewers at home watching late night shows to keep up with the news.

I still watch Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC, his show worth watching.

Luke Perry

Another thing if you have high cholesterol, and perhaps we don’t know if we have it, having high blood pressure could cause having a stroke or even death. Remember a few weeks ago when Luke Perry, died he was 52. Fame actor from Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale on the CW. He had a stroke a week ago, and a few days later, he had a heart attack and died.

Lotte van der Zoe, former 2017 Miss Teen Universe died two weeks after suffering a heart attack while on vacation in Austria with her parents. She was 20.

Too young to die. Even teens can suffer from heart attacks if we monitor our eating habits and blood pressure, they could live longer. Teens don’t care and nor read the labels on food products; they eat anything they want and suffer consequences of their health the hard way.  

Having high blood pressure is no joke. What we eat every day can kill us. If your doctor prescribes you with medicine to control your blood pressure, it’s good. However, it’s our diet. You have to control what you eat. Cut the salt and sugar away from your diet. If you can minimize your salt (other names for salt here) and sugar (Carbohydrates, other sugar names here) if we eliminate both of these, we could live longer.

Jay Leno suffers from high blood pressure, and he didn’t die, I hope he is watching his diet. Check out Cholesterol 911. Jay Leno wants us to know the signs of heart attack and stroke, and the resources to get help and change your diet. It can be preventable. Being a vegan can help your diet and make you live longer. Change your diet, if not you won’t be able to see your grandchildren.

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People Do Live Under a Rock

My family and I had a scare yesterday. My mom had cramps in her leg, and we have to run to Urgent Care and the hospital over the weekend.

If there’s an injury for any kind reason it is always nice to go to Urgent Care or some doctors on call, because doctors don’t work on weekends, they need a day off. Or if doctors work on the weekend and take house calls, then it’s great.

Hospitals can be great too. They would put the patient in bed for the rest for a week, plug the patient with all kinds of tubes of IV, at the end of the week the doctor would come in and tell you that you are good to go. Then you go back with no apparently reason.

“Why are you back?” Ask the doctor.

“I saw the bill and I had a heart Attack!” the patient said.

Sometime, the expenses on the bill can be enormous, especially the x- ray. They have to scan the body to find out what is wrong and see the inside. Is that the invasion of privacy? Is it necessary? Can they use an iPad to scan the body? Is there an app for that? I would use that a lot to scan my body. What my penis has no bone?

I rather go to the airport and have one of those TSA agents touch or scan my body for any broken bones or look for a blood clot and it would be cheaper as a plane ticket.

They took one ultra sound picture for my mother and she had no blood clot in legs. She’s okay. They told her eat bananas and drink water for cramps.

Blood clots are formed when a person sits too long playing Angry Birds part 13 the video game on their play station console. Writing and thinking of articles ideas and typing articles just like this one. I’m good. I took a tinkle break and lunch break. Or watching a marathon of “All in the Family” on TV land. Why messed up the sofa and use a can of Febreze to cover up the odor? You need a tinkle break.

Ever body has this once in a while, the registration for clients at the hospital who are injured and needed help. If the registrar sees a person with a harpoon through his chest, it’s shark week on Discovery channel and leave the patient hanging with a harpoon through its chest.

Sometime, I swear this happened to me and my family once in a while. Even though my parents lived in this country almost 45 years, my dad teaches at the University. My mom used to teach at the university too and retired. They are both U.S. citizens, and I was born in the states.

The new people at the hospital always asked for ID and insurance. See, my mom doesn’t have an ID but medical insurance. He was asking about deportation. Deportation!? My mom lived in the city for the past 45 years. She taught at the University, and I was born in the hospital – and I know the room number too for the pass 40 years ago. My mom was admitted to the hospital two years ago for a back injury. So did my dad too for some penis problem. I had a broken leg. What more can he ask? So he typed in the medical insurance number it was clear to go. Then he tells me where the x-rays. Been there, done that, I know where it is. People do live under a rock, especially new people in their 40s.