Can we be inspired by Aliens? Have you ever wondered when we wake up in the morning you have two bite marks on your neck? Could you be adducted by aliens and be probed in your sleep? I got probe once – I was having a colonoscopy, and he stuck something up to my ass, and it was cold. And I was awake! I had a doctor’s appointment that day, and it was scheduled.

Think of it, who could be possible make all of these digital media and computers. Did Steve Jobs get probed or adducted by Aliens and got injected with some alien fluid in his blood?  And created the Ipod, Iphone, Ipads. What does the letter “I” stand for “Intelligent?” – that’s intelligent.

Scientist,  Steven Hawking  “Says Aliens are out there, but it could be too dangerous to interact with extraterrestrial life.” If Aliens decided to take a vacation here on earth away from there home planet, Mars, Pluto, or Uranus; it maybe too hard to soak up in the sun and get a tan here, but they have to hide in caves for their surrounding environment.

Albert Einstein, the greatest thinker of Man kind, but where did his ideas come from? Many people speculate that alien life form had visited him while he was taking care of his son Hans while dozing off in front of his TV. The Aliens entered his head, probed him and mess up his hair too.  Later, he would publish five of the most important physic papers in history of science, and he did it on his spare time. And the idea of E=mc2 would be famous and his theory of relativity.

What about the pyramids in Egypt, and the Mayans pyramids? How is it possible to build these magnificent works of art? God may help, a little help with the Aliens too and all these hieroglyphics carving too.

During the cavemen period, how did the cave people draw the magnificent art of creatures and what they saw? Some of the pictures were the descriptions of Aliens, who visited them. The cave people drew them big with wide shoulders. No creatures were big with wide shoulders, perhaps they dropped of Big Foot in the area by mistake.

We all have intelligent, but where do we get it? Did some alien from enter in our house and probe us? And not know it. We have to be curious and read a lot of books about science.  Vampires are good if we get bitten by one and live forever and still  look young in our twenty’s.