The best were chosen on America Got Talent.  Howie Mandel was confused at one point when choosing who will advance to the second-quarter finals. He had to choose between Smage Bros, Landon Swank, and Mona Lisa, stunt bikers, illusionist, and singers. Illusionist was my bet, if he had to pick him, we would have different illusions acts from Landon Swank. With the Smage Bros, more like what happens if he injured one of his team mates live on stage or fallen. Is that a million-dollar act? More like a million-dollar lawsuit and injuries cost.

The Rhinestone Roper went home, if he had done his knife throwing act with the judges, he could have been saved, evidently the horse did a trick too, it pooped. So was the act. Thomas John could have joined him too. He can juggle and entertain, but he dropped a few pins, which doesn’t count. The act had to be perfect and rehearsed.

Hurrah! The Silhouettes – that’s a million-dollar  act. Their theme wasAmerica and it was fantastic. I am making a giraffe out of my hands and casting a shadow.

Hot Chelle Rae made their first appearance on the show and sang their latest hit “Tonight, Tonight” the song was good. It was catchy and pop. They will get notice. You can download their song from ITunes.

The next group, Steven Retchless, Attack Dance Crew and Geechy Guy, a pole dancer, dance group, and a comedian. Steven Retchless was magnificent on the pole. Piers believe men should not do pole dancing, thinking again. What about the acrobatic act Traces, they have men, and they were doing some pole dancing. It’s talent.  Piers need to be educating again. They are men who can dance on the pole. He was saved, along with Daniel Joseph Baker, he can sing. I am glad he was saved.  Dani Shay was my bet, since s inHollywood, s could get a talent agent and get a record contract.  Geechy Guy is making a comeback his spitfire of one liner was hilarious, and it made me laugh. Did he perform on the other talent show back in 1990’s Star Search?