Skinwalker The Movie



Toby Tate, author, singer. and writer of several blockbuster books such as Lilith, Primordial Lilith trilogy book 2, and The Cain Prophecy Lilith trilogy book 3. Toby Tate has written a screenplay of the famous Nell Cropsey that was murdered in 1901 and haunts the house in Elizabeth City, NC.

The title is Skinwalker, it’s a supernatural, mystery, suspense and horror story based on actual historical events of Nell Cropsey and Native American Mythology (the Skinwalker).

To make this movie possible, we need a lot of investors, like you to make this happen and be a part of it too. Go to Skinwalker’s GoFundme page and a make donation and make it happen.

Orange St Flims Logo 1

Orange St Films began as a small company which has grown in ten years to a full-scale production facility out of Wilmington, NC.

Orange St. Films produced successful 2009 horror movie, The Jailhouse with C Thomas Howell,  The Outsiders, Red dawn, The Amazing Spider-Man, and the Terrible Two with Donny Boaz The Great Debaters, Alternate Realities, is set to release in 2017.

The film will show much of the Elizabeth City downtown area, as well as some rural areas, and will include local residents as extras, crew members, and even cast members.  So who’s on board?



An Eagle Without His Head

When I graduated from High School, I did something unusually and probably students in my class may not remember it at all. It happened 31 years ago, here’s the story:

Our mascot was the eagle. Not the real Eagle.  No did I not. People have dirty minds.

Oh well, it was the costume. No one knew I was in the Eagle Costume. I did not steal it, but I borrowed it. It was laying around in the girl’s locker room. Luckily, the girls were outside cheering for the basketball game.  It was my first time in a girl’s locker room. I did not see anything. But the shower was running. No, I did not peek. Maybe a little. I was curiosity. So, I saw it. Whew. It was big and cute. Not that big, cute, and petite.  She was our high school homecoming queen, Stacy Class; every guy wanted her. And I was the cute dorky student that no one knew. I had a picture of her in my locker. Her locker was next to mine.

I put on the costume; the costume needed to be dry clean. How could Stacy wear this costume?  I saw some air freshener nearby. I think it was air-freshener, it read “Michael Jackson’s perfume.” So, if I spray it, will it make me dance like Michael Jackson? Let’s see what happened.

I sprayed it, and the odor of the costume did not help. I grabbed a cloth, I think it was a cloth, but it will do. It was someone bra. Smell good. So, I used it as a gas mask for I could breathe fresh air and I was good. I put the head of the Eagle on, and I got the panty hose for the Eagle’s legs.

And I walked out; people were cheering for me because I was underneath the Eagle costume. I did the moon walk like Michael Jackson would do, and the audience went wild with it. Maybe the Michael Jackson perfume did work on me.

Then I heard Stacy voice from the girl’s locker room.

“Who are you? I am coming for you” Stacy said.

I turned my beak around, and I saw Stacy staring at me.

Would you believe she was wearing a cheerleader outfit without no bra and wet hair? She charged at me.  I ran around the court, and she was chasing me.  The audience was laughing and cheering for either of us.

Then I tripped, and she landed on top of my back. She flipped me over and took off my mask, and she found her bra on my face. She took that off too.

“What are you doing?” Stacy said. She was on top of me.

“I got laid?” I said, smiling. I was on the ground.

The crowd laugh. She was embarrassed.

It was hysterical.

Mitchel Lewis Dormitory at ECSU

gMitchel Lewis Dormitory

At Elizabeth City State University in Mitchel Lewis Dormitory, a murder happened in 1984.

It was Sharon Jones. It was a bloody murder in the spring of 1984. Sharon Jones was found dead with a white belt wrapped around her neck and tied to the frame of the bed. She was naked and face down on the floor. Beaten and strangled to death with a dumbbell that was found next to the body. Her boyfriend did the crime and he went missing. They never did find him and it is a cold case file ever since.

Now she haunts the hall of Mitchel Lewis Dormitory. Students can hear her scream in the locked room, or if the room is locked. Is someone staying in her room tonight? Watch out. You might hear her scream in horror or walking outside in the halls of Mitchel Lewis Dormitory.

What’s that behind you?



UFO’s are out there

Did you know we had almost a lot of calls of Undefined Flying Objects, you guess it UFO’s, if you don’t believe in UFO’s they are out there. And they are searching for something? Is it you? And why do they fly over military bases? What are they looking for?

Sometime they abducted people and study you. They are trying to find out of how we live on this planet, and learned how to mate and produce baby aliens in women. When we come out from the women wombs, we do look like aliens our face looks like squish with pointed heads, and it’s easier to come out. Pointed heads.

Anyway, seriously, in Elizabeth City, NC we had a many UFO sightings. According to MUFON, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Back in June 2014, someone reported 3 noiseless orange/red lights in a triangular shape, moving at a slow pace. Flying lower than F-18 in flight and it was somewhere near northeastern high school.

And, another in July 2011, a white cigar-shaped with bulges near object. It was taller than trees and 4 to 5 times longer.

And recently, in March 2015, lights hovers over tree line for about a minute and then leave at a high rate of speed. Somewhere near Pitch Chapel Road.

These are incredible witness we have in our town.

If you spot a UFO use your cell phone to document it make several copies and give one to MUFON, they will document it and they will interview you. Sometime newspaper will publish the story and some time they don’t. It’s not news worthy for newspaper.

Plus I am a fan of Hangar 1 on the History Channel


Please go to this site and document what you know. And read it.

Read This :

North Carolina witness says UFO followed their vehicle

Cullowhee Valley School Haunted School

Cullowhee Valley School (Grades K-8) in Cullowhee, North Carolina was built on the site of a couple Native American villages, dating from five hundred years ago to several thousand years ago. The site was a village multiple times, as there would be one there that would get destroyed or abandoned and the people would move elsewhere. The site was a family homestead and farm from the mid-1800s up until the 1970s. When NC 107 was relocated in the 1980s, the old farmhouse was moved across the new road to a new site. The School itself was built in 1994, with site work preparation began in the late 1980s. They discovered serious erosion issues and uncovered the site of the ancient villages during the site work, and construction was postponed for two years. When it resumed, workers noticed strange things happening, tools disappearing and doing strange, erratic things. When the school first opened, there were many reports from students and faculty of strange occurrences, including lights flickering and turning on and off by themselves, technology behaving in an erratic manner, doors opening and closing by themselves, some rooms being impossible to heat or cool, toilets flushing, and the automatic air dryers going off by themselves. During a 6th Grade Band Concert in the late 1990s, the doors inside the locker rooms slammed open and closed by themselves spontaneously. When teachers investigated, they found the contents of the rooms scattered about and nobody inside. People at the school often feel like they are being watched and many teachers who stayed after school until late at night to do work for their classes often report seeing Native American people walking up or down the hallways of the school, dressed how they dressed before the settlers came. Since artifacts were returned to the building around 2000, the sightings have continued, but have decreased in intensity and frequency.

The witness said, “I am assured you that a lot of weird stuff did happened to students, parents, teachers and staff”

August 2, 2012

UFO sighting in Elizabeth City North Carolina

In August 1978, in Elizabeth City, NC many people in the Pasquotank county have spotted an UFO. Reports were coming from Poplar Branch, Nags Head, Nixonton, and other areas too.

L. Warrens Riggs, a probation officer for Camden and Pasquotank counties, said with two others friends saw a UFO in the community of Riddle in Camden. Riggs said Edward S. Cahoon and Elvin Gregory spotted a round, saucer – shaped object approximated 1,500 feet of the ground. The object had orange-colored lights spaced 2 feet apart. Riggs said two of the lights had a greenish tint and there was a two bright lights on top of the space craft. “All of the sudden it was coming towards us and then it stopped.” Riggs said, “It stayed for two minutes and we did not hear any noise.” Riggs said the UFO moved with great speed two miles toward the Pasquotank river, stopped for a few moments and then it continues on it course. He said he told nobody of the sighting except his wife, until he read a Sunday newspaper report. He then Colon Grandy Jr., who first reported the UFO sighting Thursday night to the Elizabeth City Coast Guard Air Station. Grandy described the object as disc-shaped about 75 yards in diameter and having 12-15 brilliant evenly-spaced orange light around its sides. He said he spotted the object after leaving a workshop at the rear of his home in Poplar beach.

Dr. S.A. Khan, professor of Biology at Elizabeth City State University said he and his wife and family sighted an object around 8:30 p.m. Thursday while visiting at a farm house renovating on Four Forks Road. Khan said the object had six oranges – blue lights that flashed on and off. He said the UFO was approximately one-half mile from their location and moved swiftly at an altitude of about 300-400 feet.

Grandy said today that he had receive at least a dozen calls from people as far away as Nags Head, saying that they had also seen similar objects on the same day and at similar times. A spoke man for the National Weather Service said it was “very unlikely” that one of its balloons could have been in the Poplar Brand area at the of the sighting.However, the Federal Aviation Administration is virtually impossible to determine if there was any airplane activity in the area at the time.

A Coast Guard spoke man indicated that the base in Elizabeth City had dispatched no aircraft at the sighting times Thursday night. The Center for UFO studies in Evanston, Ill., said that it would probably investigation of the UFO sightings in a few days. The center is headed by Dr. J Allen Hyneck, scientific director, who worked as a civilian consulted for US Air Force Project Bluebook.

Bias Hall Ghost

For me, I never had any trouble in any subject, except for Mathematics – calculus. I needed a tutor. The only person who could tutor me was Melissa Chapman. She was pretty, brunette curly locks, hazel eyes, and she had the brains of Einstein. Well not exactly as Einstein but she was smart and pretty. So beauty and brains do go together, especially her, and she agreed to help tutor me in calculus. We were going to study in the library on the campus. She insisted to study in her dorm in Bias Hall. So I went to Bias Hall on the Campus at Elizabeth City State University. It was my first time entering the dorm building. In the center of the foyer was a big portray, picture of John C. Bias. Looking at the picture gives me the creep.

“Are you ready?” said Melissa Chapman

“Yes” I said. She startled me.

“So you go to this school and never entered this building” Melissa said.

“I lived nearby and it’s not that far” I said

“Since the library has mold problems I thought we could study in my dorm room. Mold makes me sick” Melissa said. She smile at me.

“I agree” I said.

We entered her room. It was one big room with a bay window, next to it was a sofa chair with a TV on one side. It had a coffee table with some books and notes on it. The two beds were either side of the room. One was on the left and the right, with their desks on the side of the bed. The walls and the room feels cozier, and she decorated the room as a contemporary style.

“My room mate Debbie Morhard has to work tonight. You wouldn’t mind the two of us together study together here” Melissa Chapman said, she was going to her side of the room, to take off her shoes and put on comfortable shoes.

“No problem” I said, for me I am here to be tutor by her. In other words, we are just friends from class. Then I heard a ding.

“I have the popcorn ready,” Mellissa said. She went to the microwave. She pulled out the popcorn. And she pours it in a bowl.

We sat down on the couch by the bay window. I took out my Calculus book from my book bag and notebook.  She was about to explain about the raindrop theory to me. Then a loud clanging noise came outside her room in the hallway. We ran outside of the room to see what it was.

The hallway was half-lighted giving it a creepy feeling in the hallway.

Almost every girl on the first floor heard the noise. Some of the women were in there nightgown. Expect for one, one was naked underneath her robe, it was a see through robe. I hid behind Melissa for no one could not see me and I was the only guy in the dorm.

“What was that noise?”  One of the girls said.

“I don’t know but I am going to see who was down the hall.” She was the resident assistant. “At the mean time, go back to your room.” She went down the hallway to see. Where did the noise come from?

As Melissa and I went back to our room. Melissa and I felt something cold went through our bodies. It gave us goose bumps and the hair on the back of our neck stood up. Did we encounter a ghost in the hallway? The hallway room was warm, but the temperature dropped cold. We have both heard a moan in front of us. We just stood there for a second and went to her room.

“What was that?” Melissa said.

“That sounded like a moan. Clear as day. Is this place haunted by a ghost?” I said. Shivers went through our bodies.

“ I don’t know. Never heard about it” Melissa said.

“I know we planned a study session tonight. Do you still want to continue with the study session?” I asked.

“Can I reschedule the tutor?” Melissa said.

“Sure” I said.

“I call you.  I am little bit shaky about this ghost thing.  Sorry. ” Melissa said.

“It’s okay” I said. I grabbed my books and book bag and got out of the building quickly. Not knowing, why would she stay there?

The next morning, I got a called from Melissa. She was crying, not knowing what happened.

“Slow down, Melissa what happened” I said.

What she had told was the most terrifying night she had. I should have stayed with her. However, she told me to leave. What happened to Melissa was that she woke half-naked in her bed. Her door was locked the whole night, and no one could not get into her room. Someone was in her room and had sex with her. It or the ghost took off her pants off. It pressed against her. She felt hands on her body and it was warm.

“Listen to me Melissa. I did some reading at the library this morning. I found out, a security guard, by the name Tommy Chase. He died 15 years ago. He was caught of raping a girl in that building. Ever since he died, he comes back to spy on them and he was a sexual pervert back then too.” I said.

“Thank you.” Melissa said to me.

“Get the hell out of room Tommy Chase. You don’t belong here you sexual pervert. Get Out!” Melissa yelling at her room, as she was trying to exorcised her room.

“Thank you for help” Melisa said to me over the phone.

“When we would have a tutor session” I asked.

“Soon. I am going to move out soon”

“Okay” I said.  She hung up the phone.

Right then, Melissa room mate Debbie came in.

“What happened here?” Debbie asked.

“It came back for me, Debbie” Melissa said.

First it raped Debbie and she had to move out of the dorm.

“It was the ghost of Tommy Chase the security guard he came by and raped me” Melissa said.

“I am so sorry Melissa. I shouldn’t have let you stayed here by yourself, but I found us a new dorm – no ghost. He won’t bother us no more.” Debbie said. Debbie hugged Melissa and she needed that.

Melissa and Debbie settle in their new dorm.  Melissa called me for the tutor and we had a great time tutoring in her new dorm.