UFOs are Real


It’s been 70 years ago; the government wanted to cover up the existence of UFOs. However, with numerous witness of UFOs and especially with the military, there are real.  They have documented proof either with videos and eyewitness account. You can’t make this stuff up.

Today, the Pentagon admits they had a UFO program, but it ended in 2012. Their funding was worth billions to investigated UFOs. After 2012, the military continued to film UFOs flying into our airspace. So, UFOs are real.

We had 22,00 and counted UFOs sightings in North Carolina and in Elizabeth City too. Please check out their site here MUFON  it’s incredible to know that people are reporting these sights and most of the time News Media will report on their local news. I have seen one too, here’s my storyUFO Hunt for the Truth

Also, ghosts are real, the good ones, the ones we loved that have had past and we missed them dearly. Here are some of the stories that I have written since after her death.  Story 1, Story 2, and Story 3  and please check out haunted schools in North Carolina. North Carolina has a lot of ghosts, and these are the best schools in North Carolina with great programs. Haunted Schools in North Carolina 1,  Museum of the Albemarle , Corriher Lipe Middle School,

What’s that behind you? Did I get you? Is Santa Clause real?









Boo Halloween!!

Are you ready to get your scare on for Halloween? Remember we do have good ghosts and bad ghost out there.

The good ghost are the ones that someone we love that passed away recently. Even though they are buried, they are still with us in the house watching us and making sure that we are okay.

Sometime when I do laundry and collected the clothes from my dad’s room. I always say “Good morning, Mom. Love you and miss you.”  I talk to her. She died in the bed room.  Sometime I do get a response and sometime I don’t, but I know she can hear me, which is good. Her presence is in the room and in the house.

I mention this in a previous post, that when she died a couple days ago after her death I saw an orb floating in the house. And I saw a shadow in the house. I wasn’t scare. I knew it was her. She is watching over us. And I heard her voice! It called out my name. Only I heard it. My dad did not hear it.

Her clothes are still in the closets, especially her saries that she wore to work at ECSU. It looked magnificent on her. I still have pictures of her in her saries. It’s hard to remove her clothes out of the closet and put in boxes.

“Mom I am putting your clothes in boxes for safe keeping” I would say.

Because if I did not say that, I would hear shuffling noise in the room or even poltergeist activity in the house, that would be scary. But I know who it is.

So talk to your decease love one, they can hear you.

If you feel cold or warm around your body, it’s not the house, it’s the presence of love one.

Summer time is the best time to have a decease loved one to walk around the house you can save a lot of money on air conditioner bill. They could keep the house cool on a hot day.

The bad thing about ghost is not telling what you doing, throwing things away, rekindle bad memories or bad behavior and talking about it. They can hear you!

Poltergeist activity in the house will start, like slamming doors where the windows are closed.  A room that was clean few minutes ago is messed up again in seconds when you come back to the room.  Can the ghost be neat?

Then you hear the toilet flushing? And no was home only you? Bad pipes? Can ghost pee? Was it a number one or two? Who are gonna called?

Emilio Navaira dies and now he haunts his house


According to TMZ, legendary Tejano singer Emilio Navaira — an early pioneer of the genre — died Monday night.

Navaira reportedly died of a massive heart attack while he was at home. Family members found him unresponsive. He was 53.

Emilio was good friends with Selena Quintanilla — they performed and recorded together and popularized the music style in the ’90s. He was widely considered the Garth Brooks of Tejano music.

The San Antonio native won a Grammy in 2002 for best Tejano album “Acuérdate.”

In New Braunfels, TX reports are coming in. According to “Night Visitors and Unexplained My…”on Facebook a paranormal site, people are outside of Emilio’s house. The news media are also out there too. According to people who are taking pictures outside of his house are seeing a black ghost guarding the house. These are real pictures. He died recently on Monday, May 16, 2016.

If you believe in the afterlife and ghosts these are authentic pictures taking by bystander.

The family wants nothing but peace and privacy during this time.

Do you believe in ghost?


Mom the Friendly the Ghost

It’s been over a month since my mom passed away. She died of the complications of ulcers wounds on her elbows and feet and she couldn’t walk. When she came home from the hospital, she couldn’t get up. She was gasping for air and food. I wanted to give her food, but I couldn’t do it. If she had ate, she would not swallow, it will choke her.

My dad and I would take care of her every morning. Giving her a shower every Sunday and weekdays I would give her a sponge bath. I would talk to her and entertain her, to make her smile. I would give her daily exercise and change her bandages on feet, which it had ulcers wound.

After the super bowl 50, she had gotten worsen; she had respiratory problems and trouble breathing. Broncos won over the Carolina Panther.

My dad and I would visit her grave and we would say a prayer for her and talk to her. We would tell her that we are good and strong and we can take care of ourselves.

We are not depressed in any way that is what other people would think. My mom is at peace and healed; and in a better place.

I know she can see us at the grave and at home.

If you have seen ghost hunters and ghost adventures on TV and they really explained what types of ghost we have, it’s a like an education and a understanding of ghosts. Ghost can be seen as ghost or orbs. For the shows, they would pick up negative feelings or bad ghost. Other times they would pick up positive feelings and tell us their history.

I know my mom is in the house. I would feel her because the hair on my skin would stand up, some kind of energy and she is nearby. I would see orbs flying the house, when I go to a certain room and the temperature would drop. Even a white mist, maybe she is trying to manifest in front of us? Mom is in the house. Does this happened to you?

She is either walking around the house or watching us sleeping. This is a good thing, I know she missed us and we missed her too. We love her very much. She is watching us.

Do you feel a love one presence around you?

Haunted Schools

Since schools are violence and death had occurred in these buildings some of the these schools can be haunted by restless souls trying to cross over or have unfinished business.

Here are some true and haunted tales of Elementary schools or High School in North Carolina and if you have some haunted tales you like to share. Please share.

The Tryon Elementary School in Bessemmer City is home to several ghosts, all of which are elementary school students. Some students and teachers report seeing a little girl in short tan pants, with a blue and red shirt. She also has blue eyes and blonde hair. Stories also exist of the ghosts of little boys in the mirrors in the bathrooms of the fourth and fifth grades.

The Cline School in Mt.Pleasant isn’t necessarily haunted, but some people have reported seeing the ghost of a man near the school. If you drive down Cline School Road after midnight, don’t be surprised if you see the man walking alongside your car. Keep in mind that he won’t be there if you stop the car to investigate.

The Caroleen School in Caroleen, North Carolina no longer exists, but don’t tell that to the ghosts that haunt the school gym. Two students at the school were raped and then killed during the early part of the 1950s and their ghosts still wander the gym. The county demolished the school, but left the gym standing for some odd reason. The ghosts of the two girls are sometimes seen wandering around the gym.

Concord is home to the haunted Winecoff Elementary School. The school was once used to house students from elementary school through graduation. The legend claims that a football player died in the hallway. After playing hard during a game, he had a heart attack. The exact hall where he died no longer exists, but students still see him floating around.

Gastonia is home to more than one haunted school. One is the Lincoln Academy, a former school for girls. Legend says that a group of boys kidnapped a girl from the school, raped her, killed her and left her tied to a tree. Some visiting the area late at night claim to see weird smoke and have car problems, particularly when they stop on or near the bridge. At Brookside Elementary School, some have seen someone moving around the school after it’s closed and hear noises coming from the nearby woods.

The former site of the Lincoln Academy in Kings Mountain is haunted by a more recent event. Two men carjacked a girl passing through the area, used barbed wire to tie her to a tree and killed her. Not surprisingly, her ghost haunts the spot where she died.

In Jackson, North Carolina has its own tragic story. A group of schoolchildren were sentenced to detention in the boiler room. The teacher locked the doors, giving them no way to escape when the boiler exploded. Some claim that the hand prints of the children were permanently burned into the walls and report hearing children scream.

Bias Hall Ghost

For me, I never had any trouble in any subject, except for Mathematics – calculus. I needed a tutor. The only person who could tutor me was Melissa Chapman. She was pretty, brunette curly locks, hazel eyes, and she had the brains of Einstein. Well not exactly as Einstein but she was smart and pretty. So beauty and brains do go together, especially her, and she agreed to help tutor me in calculus. We were going to study in the library on the campus. She insisted to study in her dorm in Bias Hall. So I went to Bias Hall on the Campus at Elizabeth City State University. It was my first time entering the dorm building. In the center of the foyer was a big portray, picture of John C. Bias. Looking at the picture gives me the creep.

“Are you ready?” said Melissa Chapman

“Yes” I said. She startled me.

“So you go to this school and never entered this building” Melissa said.

“I lived nearby and it’s not that far” I said

“Since the library has mold problems I thought we could study in my dorm room. Mold makes me sick” Melissa said. She smile at me.

“I agree” I said.

We entered her room. It was one big room with a bay window, next to it was a sofa chair with a TV on one side. It had a coffee table with some books and notes on it. The two beds were either side of the room. One was on the left and the right, with their desks on the side of the bed. The walls and the room feels cozier, and she decorated the room as a contemporary style.

“My room mate Debbie Morhard has to work tonight. You wouldn’t mind the two of us together study together here” Melissa Chapman said, she was going to her side of the room, to take off her shoes and put on comfortable shoes.

“No problem” I said, for me I am here to be tutor by her. In other words, we are just friends from class. Then I heard a ding.

“I have the popcorn ready,” Mellissa said. She went to the microwave. She pulled out the popcorn. And she pours it in a bowl.

We sat down on the couch by the bay window. I took out my Calculus book from my book bag and notebook.  She was about to explain about the raindrop theory to me. Then a loud clanging noise came outside her room in the hallway. We ran outside of the room to see what it was.

The hallway was half-lighted giving it a creepy feeling in the hallway.

Almost every girl on the first floor heard the noise. Some of the women were in there nightgown. Expect for one, one was naked underneath her robe, it was a see through robe. I hid behind Melissa for no one could not see me and I was the only guy in the dorm.

“What was that noise?”  One of the girls said.

“I don’t know but I am going to see who was down the hall.” She was the resident assistant. “At the mean time, go back to your room.” She went down the hallway to see. Where did the noise come from?

As Melissa and I went back to our room. Melissa and I felt something cold went through our bodies. It gave us goose bumps and the hair on the back of our neck stood up. Did we encounter a ghost in the hallway? The hallway room was warm, but the temperature dropped cold. We have both heard a moan in front of us. We just stood there for a second and went to her room.

“What was that?” Melissa said.

“That sounded like a moan. Clear as day. Is this place haunted by a ghost?” I said. Shivers went through our bodies.

“ I don’t know. Never heard about it” Melissa said.

“I know we planned a study session tonight. Do you still want to continue with the study session?” I asked.

“Can I reschedule the tutor?” Melissa said.

“Sure” I said.

“I call you.  I am little bit shaky about this ghost thing.  Sorry. ” Melissa said.

“It’s okay” I said. I grabbed my books and book bag and got out of the building quickly. Not knowing, why would she stay there?

The next morning, I got a called from Melissa. She was crying, not knowing what happened.

“Slow down, Melissa what happened” I said.

What she had told was the most terrifying night she had. I should have stayed with her. However, she told me to leave. What happened to Melissa was that she woke half-naked in her bed. Her door was locked the whole night, and no one could not get into her room. Someone was in her room and had sex with her. It or the ghost took off her pants off. It pressed against her. She felt hands on her body and it was warm.

“Listen to me Melissa. I did some reading at the library this morning. I found out, a security guard, by the name Tommy Chase. He died 15 years ago. He was caught of raping a girl in that building. Ever since he died, he comes back to spy on them and he was a sexual pervert back then too.” I said.

“Thank you.” Melissa said to me.

“Get the hell out of room Tommy Chase. You don’t belong here you sexual pervert. Get Out!” Melissa yelling at her room, as she was trying to exorcised her room.

“Thank you for help” Melisa said to me over the phone.

“When we would have a tutor session” I asked.

“Soon. I am going to move out soon”

“Okay” I said.  She hung up the phone.

Right then, Melissa room mate Debbie came in.

“What happened here?” Debbie asked.

“It came back for me, Debbie” Melissa said.

First it raped Debbie and she had to move out of the dorm.

“It was the ghost of Tommy Chase the security guard he came by and raped me” Melissa said.

“I am so sorry Melissa. I shouldn’t have let you stayed here by yourself, but I found us a new dorm – no ghost. He won’t bother us no more.” Debbie said. Debbie hugged Melissa and she needed that.

Melissa and Debbie settle in their new dorm.  Melissa called me for the tutor and we had a great time tutoring in her new dorm.