Christmas will be here, and all the stress is NOW! What to do don’t panic. Now panic! This is the day of the planning period for Christmas. Did you make out a list? Or do you know what to do on the Christmas rush week?

First thing we have to do is who to invite, I know we all have someone annoying in the family and we get into arguments – especially its’ football day. My favorite day is Boxing Day! The day after Christmas, but I prefer Boxing Day on Christmas Day! You get the picture. I hate Christmas Party. I tired not to go. If there’s an attractive girl in the party, hey I rather have my own Christmas party and open that Christmas present. Never mind! My fantasy!

Next, is the cleaning part wash the clothes, I knew I had a cat someplace in the house. I don’t know where I put Whiskers at? I keep hearing meowing in the laundry room. Or is it my neighbor playing the violins again. Anyway it will show up somewhere in the house.  Dust the furniture, vacuum the carpets, mop the floors and rearrange items.  Why I keep hearing meowing in the laundry room?  I don’t want to be caught on Christmas day scraping the oven!  Once the clothes are done I found whiskers in the washing machine smelling pretty and all clean. I knew there was spot on the cat but it was gone. Did not know that was a stain – that Arm and Hammer with Oxy clean in it removed it.

The shopping place is busy this week of Christmas everybody is trying to get that last minute Christmas gifts. Hey, the clapper is on sale at Walgreens, which would make a good Christmas gift for someone, even the Chia Pet. We can pre-order the Chia Pet and have it look like one of our relatives – that’s great!

Oh yeah, the food. Turkey or chicken for Christmas dinner. I can buy slice Turkey and slice chicken and tell the rest of the family that I slave over the hot oven cooking the whole Turkey and Chicken. Slice pre cuts of meat is so much better than cooking a 5 pounds of Turkey or chicken. It’s a waste.

Taking family pictures make sure the battery is fully charge and you have enough film. If you are taping it on VHS tapes, great. Once the family goes back to work, look at the pictures and review the film and see which one goes on America Funniest Home Video, and if you win a prize take your family to a great vacation, but don’t tell your friends how you won.