Telekinesis, I think I have it. Because I can move objects with my mind, it’s that simple. The other day, I was clearing off the table full of dirty dishes the family had just eaten. The food we ate was a Pakistan dish and it was delicious. It was finger licking good. No, we do not eat fingers. The nail of the finger was good, because it had the gravy.

Anyway, as I clear off the table and getting ready to picking up the plates. One plate lifted up in the air from the table and landed on top of the plate that I was holding with one hand. Okay, wow. I was shocked and awe.

Then another plate from my right side lifted up, floated to my left side, and landed on the second plate. I know one thing I know I don’t have any poltergeist in my house, but we did ate chicken curry. I have telekinesis. I can move objects with my mind.

Then the fork from the right side lifted up in the air and landed on the left side of me with the plates that I was holding. I got the power now!

Then another fork in front of me was floating mid-air. Not moving. It just stood there. It did not come to me. It was just floating there. Then the voice said, “Son. Grab this dirty fork and wash the dishes!”

My mom said. She was moving the dishes and placing them in my hand.