The best Christmas present I ever got when I was a child was a remote control car from the hit TV show from the 80’s it was Knight Rider.  I drove that car all round the house. My mom was mad, because I was threading up the carpet. So I took it outside and drove it all around the house. Plus I had an obstacle course for my car, my dad’s garden. It went up the hill, flew across the hill, and landed on the third hill. (It’s the hill where we plant seeds in.)I called that a turbo boost! I had fun with it. Turbo boosting my car all the time, it was jumping in the air. I think the driver in the car was getting sick, because I was doing it all the time. It made me laugh. I had fun.

Then I would race it in the backyard with leaves on the ground. Zigzagging through the leaves, making spirals turns and I made turbo boost in the air again. It made me laugh.

Then something strange happened it was not going fast as I expected too. I tried to turbo boost it, but it crashed. But the car was intact so it was strong enough to hold the impact.

What happened was, I thought a nuclear fission battery powered would power my Knight Rider car and it never used any batteries, but it was using normal batteries and my car died. It would be impossible to give my Knight Rider car mouth to mouth to bring it back to alive. Car taste for the car, bleh! Awful taste. It tasted like wax.

What it need was batteries. Normal batteries would last longer, plus it’s disposable. Once you wear it out, you throw out, and put in new batteries, that’s money down the drain. Or rechargeable batteries, which would last longer, and the wait for the batteries would take an hour or thirty minutes, which is not bad. I wanted to play with my Knight Rider car. I needed break anyway. So having rechargeable batteries for Christmas is the best thing to have. It may be a little expensive to buy and find the right size for the batteries. It can save a lot of money for batteries. Plus you will be saving the planet.

What ever happened to nuclear fission battery powered that part I want to know?