Some people take this the wrong way and way out of proportion, reports saying that Hailee Steinfeld, 14 will appear nude in Carlo Carlei’s William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It’s a love story, but it requires a nude scene for the young girl. Hailee is young and the casting was great, and it will be her first feature film since “True Grit” where she was recognized as a breakout out star in 2010.

We all know she is young and beautiful, and she wanted to do movies, which is great. She was turned down for the “Hunger Games”. Although she will be successful in any genre of films, I hope it doesn’t require to do a nude scene because she’s underage. Even though she appeared to be older, but her age tells another, never cast any teens under the age of 20, even though they may look older. It’s an age factor.

In EW director Carlo Carlei said the scene in question has been revised: “In the original adaptation written by the Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes, there was a lovemaking scene that included nudity for the married Romeo and Juliet. This script was written with a 20-year-old actress in mind. As soon as Hailee Steinfeld was cast, all nudity and lovemaking have been excised from the script. It will be romantic and age-appropriate for a 14-year-old.”

When casting any teens to do a movie and it has to age appropriate and the story has appropriate to the character. She will do great.