As you may know, The Jay Leno Show is not doing as well, there’s too much competition on the 10 O’ clock hour. He couldn’t compete with Dancing with the Stars on ABC, they always run over 2 minutes. The Mentalist, NCIS series, and CIS’s on CBS, NBC should buy the Mentalist and the CIS’s show and put it on NBC. Something different beside Law & Order series and the spin-off’s show too, these are good shows to watch but it killed The Jay Leno Show.

Here’s an idea, there was a game early ago and Dallas won over Philadelphia – put The Jay Leno Show after the game – will it work?

We must save The Jay Leno Show. Here’s an idea. NBC have many satellite networks one in particular is the BRAVO network. Why don’t they put him on the BRAVO network?  I am sure they would not mind.  He can have his hour-long program instead of half-an-hour, before The Tonight Show with Conan O’ Brian on NBC, and it will be the first for The Jay Leno Show on the Bravo Network. I love their shows.

Why cram the show on the weeknights. If NBC is reading this, don’t cram shows all on one night. Just move and EXPERINMENT, if it works.

I like Jay Leno sense of humor.