JC Sawyer School haunted

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I recently heard about this story and I did not know until a couple days later, that I overheard a couple of teachers who go to J.C. Sawyer Elementary school, the same school I went when I was a child in the 1970’s. Great memories I had in that school and great teachers I had who now passed away. Is now haunted.

A teacher who goes to the school was talking to her friend that her students saw a ghost of a woman walking behind them and she was wearing white and her hair was up. It stood for a few seconds and disappeared.

Many of her students have seen it. However, she brushed it off and told the students it was their imagination, but the students really saw a ghost at their school and they were talking about it in the classroom. She had enough with the students telling their stories and told them to settle down and be quiet. They were quiet.

Five of the teacher’s book flew off the shelves, from the wall, hit the floor and then the closet open and slam shut by itself.

The students and the teacher were horrified by what they saw. None of the students were close to the closet or the shelves.


Later, she found it out the classroom that she was in was a former teacher by the name of Mrs. Annette Moss, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 80.  She taught in the same classroom for thirty-nine years in that room.



Haunted Schools

Since schools are violence and death had occurred in these buildings some of the these schools can be haunted by restless souls trying to cross over or have unfinished business.

Here are some true and haunted tales of Elementary schools or High School in North Carolina and if you have some haunted tales you like to share. Please share.

The Tryon Elementary School in Bessemmer City is home to several ghosts, all of which are elementary school students. Some students and teachers report seeing a little girl in short tan pants, with a blue and red shirt. She also has blue eyes and blonde hair. Stories also exist of the ghosts of little boys in the mirrors in the bathrooms of the fourth and fifth grades.

The Cline School in Mt.Pleasant isn’t necessarily haunted, but some people have reported seeing the ghost of a man near the school. If you drive down Cline School Road after midnight, don’t be surprised if you see the man walking alongside your car. Keep in mind that he won’t be there if you stop the car to investigate.

The Caroleen School in Caroleen, North Carolina no longer exists, but don’t tell that to the ghosts that haunt the school gym. Two students at the school were raped and then killed during the early part of the 1950s and their ghosts still wander the gym. The county demolished the school, but left the gym standing for some odd reason. The ghosts of the two girls are sometimes seen wandering around the gym.

Concord is home to the haunted Winecoff Elementary School. The school was once used to house students from elementary school through graduation. The legend claims that a football player died in the hallway. After playing hard during a game, he had a heart attack. The exact hall where he died no longer exists, but students still see him floating around.

Gastonia is home to more than one haunted school. One is the Lincoln Academy, a former school for girls. Legend says that a group of boys kidnapped a girl from the school, raped her, killed her and left her tied to a tree. Some visiting the area late at night claim to see weird smoke and have car problems, particularly when they stop on or near the bridge. At Brookside Elementary School, some have seen someone moving around the school after it’s closed and hear noises coming from the nearby woods.

The former site of the Lincoln Academy in Kings Mountain is haunted by a more recent event. Two men carjacked a girl passing through the area, used barbed wire to tie her to a tree and killed her. Not surprisingly, her ghost haunts the spot where she died.

In Jackson, North Carolina has its own tragic story. A group of schoolchildren were sentenced to detention in the boiler room. The teacher locked the doors, giving them no way to escape when the boiler exploded. Some claim that the hand prints of the children were permanently burned into the walls and report hearing children scream.

Haunted Elementary School

Ghost hand PrintsIn Jackson County, NC. The story is that 15 or 16 little kids got detention at an Elementary school and were locked in the boiler room. The boiler exploded and killed the kids.

Now if you go late at night then you can hear screams, sometime you will see little kids, if you take pictures and get developed you will see orbs and strange smoke that is in the shape of people. But when you look at the spots in person there is nothing, but in the picture there is freaky stuff. On the walls in the boiler room, there are child size hand prints burned into the wall.

Ghost Chiildren In 2005, no screamings were detected but strange paranormal stuff.  A well-defined shadow of a little kid was seen through one of the glass doors in the school. The investigators watched this figure move from side to side of the door and then it walked toward them through the door and stood still for around 30 seconds.

All of the sudden it bend down and got into like a 3 point stance and then jumped toward them. They turned the lights on there was nothing there.

They placed a voice recorder in the boiler room as well and got what sounded to be a heart that kept getting faster and louder and then made one loud beat and stopped.

Also there was a loud moaning through tout the whole school house from the pipes but there was no heat going through the pipes so I have no clue why that would be making noise.

An update to make on the school was that, it was demolished a year ago and made into a park for the community.

Ever since they made the park where the old middle school was, other sightings have been reported. Again.

This is a true story.

What’s that behind you?