45th President Donald J Trump


We have a new president, isn’t it odd we have the 45th president? The odd is, it’s the number 45th, that’s an odd number.  Anyway, we have President Donald J. Trump, so what do we call him? President Trump? President Donald J. Trump? Let’s be respectful, he’s our new leader now.


The highlight was Jackie Evancho, she sang beautiful and she looked incredible gorgeous. Can she be president? That’s the only thing I stopped in the middle of my day, to listen to her singing. The rest of my time I was doing house work.

So we have a new president, we have to deal with him. He does have an agenda to make America Great Again. If people don’t know, he has a plan. All business people have plans.  We make plans not to watch it because people have to work, that’s a plan.  We are making America great for us and our families.

We only listen to people that we like, and we don’t listen to people who we don’t like, but we have to listen it anyway and we say “Phew” or “Okay”.

People think, he’s rude and mean. He wants order with the Journalism to write the truth not “Fake News” or print out of what he’s going to do, that not journalism.  Journalism is telling the truth of what he said, not speculating and exaggerated the truth. Journalism please get your story right, we can wait. We don’t want breaking news immediately. We can wait.

He is only going deport people who make threats on us. Foreign people who had been living in America for a long time are safe and have two forms of ID, passport and birth certificates. As long you have ID, you are good to stay. I am hungry, we have a new Mexican restaurant called “The Wall.”

I am teasing, don’t send hate comment on my site.

Some of the democrats would not be there, that means more seats would be empty or maybe they are at home watching Disney Channel with their children.

What “Girl Meets World” is on tonight? I better watch that! And it’s the last episode too.

And stop watching White House Down, that’s not going to happen. It’s a fantasy movie.

See there, we have an agenda to do. We have to go on with our lives. Be great in what we do. Don’t let politics ruin your social lives. We have children who need our attention. People who don’t have children or single, just be great in what you do, be successful.  Watch a good comedy occasionally, don’t bombarded yourself in watching the news all the time, nothing is going to change. The change is in you. We have to make that change. Don’t protest.

Did you see the protest? Some crazy people were trashing Starbucks near Washington DC, maybe their names weren’t on the cup. Doesn’t mean they should trash the place? That will go on their permanent record if they want to work as s Secrete Service for the president.

Just be kind to one another!



Muppets on America Got talent and the Top 6

America Got Talent Top 6
America Got Talent Top 6

It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light  the lights. It’s the Muppet Show on American Got Talent!! Yah. Wave your arms like Kermit the frog. Anyone?

The Muppets are taking over AGT for one-hour right after the President Obama made a speech by keeping me safe by bombing the other side.  Sing-a-long with the Muppet the theme song in your head, it’s like a moment when you cannot take a song out of your head.

Here’s what you missed last night.

Mara Justine was the best and sang as my favorite in the top 6. Matt Franco astonished the crowd with his magic with the judges.  Emily West beautiful and seductive voice from her.  Sons of Serenip sang exhilaration so did Quintavious Johnson, magnificent. Miguel Dakota did great, but the ladies love him due to popularity. Do I hear a Milli Vanilli  song. David and Leeman and Mike Super were great as Magicians. Mike Super should have used his imaginary friend to help him out, but Mike Super did his own magic and he was great. David and Leman could have won AGT if they had use scratch off game to win the million-dollar act. Christian Stoinev and Scooby was part of a balancing act. Christian did his act while Scooby was with Heidi Klum.  Blue Journey wow me many times, with their dance and animation, I still like there act.

With the Muppets they were around and doing there shenanigans on stage. I like the two old guys in the balcony. Who are yours top 6 Muppet’s?

For the bottom three, they were Emil and Dariel, Miguel Dakota and Sons of Serendip one of them will be save.

First, up was Emily West and Mara Justine. Mara is like oh crap. Mara is still the best and she’s a great singer, but unfortunate she was going home and Emily West save.

Next was AcroArmy and Blue Journey, they were both great. So AcroArmy was saved, good bye Blue Journey, I hope I will see them next time.


Next up Jackie Evancho perform a beautiful operatic song “Think of Me” from the Phantom of the Opera from her upcoming sixth album “Awakening” coming out soon. Who was she really thinking? Was it me? I know, creepy.  She has grown up and become successfully in the music business. People thought she would never make it in the music industry, but look at her now. She has been successfully.

Next was Christian and Scooby and Quintavious Johnson. Quintavious Johnson wins this round and was saved.

Then the Magic acts and they were Mat Franco, David and Leeman , and Mike Super. Mat Franco wins this section. What could be his next act? Make the Spice Girls reappear on stage?

For the Snapple Save the contestants are Emil and Dariel, Miguel Dakota and Sons of Serendip.  For the save, it goes to Sons of Serendip.

Now it’s the judges turn they can’t decide who to put through, they were tied for Emil and Dariel, Miguel Dakota.  Both judges were split of whom they like and the audience like Miguel Dakota.

American Got Talent Top 6: Remember to Vote


If you had been watching America’s Got Talent this summer, in which I have and I have been voting, I did not write about the whole summer, I should have, and but I got busy with some other projects. Like I mentioned before I did vote for my favorite act and you should too.  Remember you have to vote this is not the presidential election, but we can vote more than one time for favorite acts on AGT.

When Chicago Boyz and Kenichi Ebina approached the stage, they were both great. Their was a mishap with Chicago Boyz when the jump rope was caught on the necks of the boyz while Kenichi floated in the air with strobe light effects, that was cool and perfect timing.  Kenichi Ebina  goes through the finals. What trick would he be performing next week?

Next line up was Innovative Force and Cami Bradley. Innovative force did great in pulling an innovative stunt in their dance routine which was cool. Cami Bradley sang beautiful.  Cami Bradley advances to the final.

Next up was the Kirstef Brothers and Taylor Williamson. The Kristef Brothers did a parody of an exercise program commercial that we see at night  but they used their strength while the students in the back was trying to keep up, that was good. Taylor Williamson kept us laughing at his jokes, one-liners and funny stories. He was funny, so Taylor Williamson advances.  I hope he writes better jokes one-liners and funny stories.

Follow by Forte and Branden James. They both did good. Forte advances to the final.

Next up was D’Angelo  and Amanda and Jimmy Rose. I like the dancing couple they were cute. They dance really good. Jimmy Rose sang good and Jimmy Advances.  At least D’Angelo  and Amanda stayed  throughout the whole season, it was a pleasure to watch them dance.  I hope someone will give  D’Angelo  and Amanda a chance to win and compete maybe Dancing with The Stars.

The last group of people were Catapult Entertainment and Collins Key.  Shadow dancing was absolutely good that was incredible to do I can’t even do that with my hands to create a shadow. Collins Key my five words are “how did he do it” I like magic. But one thing I don’t want to know it’s the secret of magic while spoil the fun and the entertainment of magic. What would he pull out of his magic hat next week? The Spice Girls.

Remember don’t forget to vote for your favorite, if you want your favorite to win you have to vote.  VOTE HERE

Jackie, Poppycock, Michael Grimm, and Fighting Gravity The Final 4 acts

As You may know Anna & Patryk did not go through the top five but the sweet and blessed voice Jackie Evancho, she can melt your heart with her voice or make you stop what ever we are doing. I broke a plate while washing dishing.

Even though she tripped on the stairs while wearing a mask, she was worried that she and her partner and good friend Patryk, would not make it. They will make it big in the business and I hope they will make a guest appearance on “Dancing With the Stars” soon this fall. The judges were praising both of them that they did a fantastic job as dancing and how they recover from a fall. If they perform together in the future I will definite vote for them again.

Jackie may win America’s Got Talent next week during the finals. But one thing we have to do is vote, don’t talk about it just vote for her or your favorite to win on America’s Got Talent. Let you fingers do the voting for you.

The other top contenders were Prince Poppycock, he’s the male version of Lady Gaga. He’s better than Lady Gaga. It might be Lady Gaga underneath the costume. Not. He’s a guy dressed as Prince Poppycock, but he has a great opera voice and fantastic performance as a showmanship on stage. If he wins he will make a transition from opera to pop music, just like Mariah Carey did.

Michael Grasso did a fantastic job as a magician on stage. He did a reality show for NBC long time ago called T.H.E.M (Totally Hidden Extreme Magic) he was one of the magician performing illusion. And he was good. He will make it in the business. He may replace Chriss Angel one day.

Taylor Mathews will do great in the business even though he did not make it through the next round for the final, but Michael Grimm did. Michael Grimm has a great voice when sings and performs.

Fighting Gravity has landed on stage to be the next final act. The dance group knows how to dance in the dark, I tried it once dancing in the dark, but I fell. On the couch and my cat scratch me. Sorry kitty. Back to the veterinary office again, for me, not the cat.

Remember to vote after the show. Write down the numbers. Watch America’s Got Talent on Tuesday and Wednesday night on NBC.

By the way, Piers Morgan will replace Larry King in  January 2011.

America Got Talent: Jackie Evancho did it again.

Here are my favorites for the night.  Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity. The other acts did well.  The last two acts were great. I hope America vote her through the next round.  I hope America Got talent is not fixed for the voting, sometime it can be. If we liked someone, she would stay, but I hope Jackie stays, she has a beautiful voice and it’s her real voice. Howie can hear her voice and the rest of the judges too.  It’s real. Hearing Jackie sing again made me want to go heaven and hear her voice up there, but she is magnificent. She blessed with her voice. If people are jealous over her just because she has a CD out already and worked with other talented recorded artist, don’t she’s only a child, she’s 10 years old and you cannot hurt a child who wants to win.

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Studio One Young Beast Society, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, Michael Grasso, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, and  Alice Tan Ridley.

These acts did a fantastic job when they performed and the audience loves their talent and they wow us with their talent.

The other acts did not do as well as, with Peirs Morgan hitting the buzzer and the first time Howie Mandel too. Howie and Piers got into a disagreement with Maestro Alexander Bui with his piano playing with “Flight of the Bumblebee” and “boogie boy bugle in Company b” in other words “The Boggie Bee” number.  He is talented, but where could his talent go if he wins.

Haspop, dressed up as an old man and dances in front of the video he filmed, but the judges like him when he dance on stage without the video. Just him dancing. He was great when he dance and it tells a story. I hope people voted him through. If he goes home, he knows that he made it and Hollywood is watching him.

When Debra Romer sang it was beautiful and her outfit was stunning. She looked stunning beautiful. If her singing doesn’t goes through she could be a model. But she sang beautiful. I loved her voice.

When Nathaniel Kenyon sang, he was good. He was still nervous singing in front of the crowd, but he should stay focused with the song and get everything right. He was pitchy when he sang; he should have picked something for his voice can sing a better piece. Ladies like him because he’s cute. Will they vote for him and keep on America Got Talent? He is in Hollywood, I hope Hollywood is watching him and give him another chance.

Murray, made a train disappear, he should have step it up and make one of the judges disappear. His magic was in the style of David Cooperfield , which his is idol. Give a little history of it and the magic, just like David Cooperfield would do. If the train was close to the audience instead of way in the back the illusion trick would be better. If he had did close up magic and come to the audience and close up to the judges. It will be still good.