Here are my favorites for the night.  Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity. The other acts did well.  The last two acts were great. I hope America vote her through the next round.  I hope America Got talent is not fixed for the voting, sometime it can be. If we liked someone, she would stay, but I hope Jackie stays, she has a beautiful voice and it’s her real voice. Howie can hear her voice and the rest of the judges too.  It’s real. Hearing Jackie sing again made me want to go heaven and hear her voice up there, but she is magnificent. She blessed with her voice. If people are jealous over her just because she has a CD out already and worked with other talented recorded artist, don’t she’s only a child, she’s 10 years old and you cannot hurt a child who wants to win.

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Studio One Young Beast Society, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, Michael Grasso, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, and  Alice Tan Ridley.

These acts did a fantastic job when they performed and the audience loves their talent and they wow us with their talent.

The other acts did not do as well as, with Peirs Morgan hitting the buzzer and the first time Howie Mandel too. Howie and Piers got into a disagreement with Maestro Alexander Bui with his piano playing with “Flight of the Bumblebee” and “boogie boy bugle in Company b” in other words “The Boggie Bee” number.  He is talented, but where could his talent go if he wins.

Haspop, dressed up as an old man and dances in front of the video he filmed, but the judges like him when he dance on stage without the video. Just him dancing. He was great when he dance and it tells a story. I hope people voted him through. If he goes home, he knows that he made it and Hollywood is watching him.

When Debra Romer sang it was beautiful and her outfit was stunning. She looked stunning beautiful. If her singing doesn’t goes through she could be a model. But she sang beautiful. I loved her voice.

When Nathaniel Kenyon sang, he was good. He was still nervous singing in front of the crowd, but he should stay focused with the song and get everything right. He was pitchy when he sang; he should have picked something for his voice can sing a better piece. Ladies like him because he’s cute. Will they vote for him and keep on America Got Talent? He is in Hollywood, I hope Hollywood is watching him and give him another chance.

Murray, made a train disappear, he should have step it up and make one of the judges disappear. His magic was in the style of David Cooperfield , which his is idol. Give a little history of it and the magic, just like David Cooperfield would do. If the train was close to the audience instead of way in the back the illusion trick would be better. If he had did close up magic and come to the audience and close up to the judges. It will be still good.