If you have a high school student, they would fly through the house and into the bathroom to take a shower and fly right outside to go back to school and it’s only lunch time. If it is periodically, they do it every day during lunchtime. Is time to lock your door, for you can enjoy some leisure time yourself? Before they catch you with tin foil in your hair, just because you were color-dyeing your hair.

Just because students who take gym at school and have a heavy work out session, you know practicing football, weight training or baseball, but when they go back to class, their body odor would knock out everyone in the classroom.  Then the principal would walk in the class just to see one student sitting at the desk, and the principal is wearing a gas mask for he or she would not faint.

The student sitting on the chair would say, “Oops, I forgot to shower” the student said.

“You think?!” the principal would interject to the student.

Students should know when they enrolled a PE or Gym class, they should be concerned about body odor in the classroom. Sometime when I was  substituting in the public school, the school smells like a locker room, body odor all over the halls of the school. If they could take quick shower with soap and shampoo with lots of fragrance or change their shirt, underwear and use proper hygiene, occasionally. It’s nice to smell clean when students go back to class and make a good grade in the class just because the students smell clean.

If the students don’t take a bath between class after gym, diseases will occur within the body. It could cause skin infections, staph infections, ringworm, impetigo. Impetigo is blister and pus in the body when the body is not clean and it can grow into big huge blister on the body. Students would look like an elephant man in some disfigures way and it would not look pretty.

Or they could do one thing, not to enrolled in PE or gym class just because they have to take a bath at the school and not to be embarrass in the shower. But if they do enroll in a gym class, tell your child to carry a second pair of underwear, clothing and hygiene products in the school bag. It could really help.