We all know what is going on. We all voted, and now we have to wait for the results to come in. Why do these polls close at the last minute in the middle of the election? This is the presidential election. Biden was in the lead and while trump trailing and gaining up speed in the election.

Then Pennsylvania, Georgia, and my home state of North Carolina decided not to reveal who will be President of the United States because of late ballots from mail-in ballots that weren’t accounted for earlier in that day. Someone is gonna be in trouble. How disorganized are these states? At least they got slapped with a lawsuit that will wake them up. Count faster!

So everyone is biased against President Trump, love him, or hate him. He is still our President. But the economy is doing great. Have you seen the gas prices in your states? Well, some of the gas prices are low. I think. 

A couple of times, Biden wants to end Fracking, leaving us to buy electric vehicles. Do you know how much those cost? Can we afford it? If he ends Fracking, the oil industry and the gas prices will be out of business. And the oil prices will be high, especially the gas in our car. 

The economy is in better shape, despite the Covid-19 or the Conarvius. We can joke about the name of the Conarvius. But we still have to wear a mask, for we can protect ourselves from others. 

For the economic side, the riots, protesting, and looting must stop. They are destroying small businesses who work very hard to start their own business. It’s getting out of hand. Maxine waters created chaos, and it went out of control. This is not how it was supposed to happen. 

Foreign countries are laughing at us because we have a civil war in the United States, and more will come if we have Biden as President or Kamala running the White House.

All of the riots started from the democratic side, seriously, not President Trump, because they don’t like President Donald Trump and his past. President Trump is the most demanding working President; he got sick with the virus for us and lived to tell about it. The news media went crazy; if the President dies, the next President will be Mike Pence. President Regan (1911- 2004) had Colon cancer, and he lived. 

If Biden wins, he will be pushed aside, and Kamala will be President. Of course, we want a woman as President. We think, and no offense to everyone out there that women are better with everything, (No mean comments please) forget about where she comes from and religion-wise. 

Everything is about work ethics, job performance, and leadership. A business person can run the country better than everyone else and get things done quickly. A DA is going to prosecute everyone and put them in jail for the crimes and watch the United States crumble. Most of the past Presidents were business people and actors; they were good. I still have a craving for peanuts. We had a peanut farmer who became the President. 

I did my research. 

Why does President Trump tweet a lot? Because the news media does not want to hear the truth from him. One example was the riots we had during the summer, and the news media were asking about something else, and the press secretary wanted to talk about the crime we are having in the United States. And they weren’t peaceful protests. There’s crime every day. 

I mention this in posts all the time about the crime in America. And it is started by one moronic person, and everyone else follows it. The police are going by the book; they shoot to kill. But they are not using their brain or not thinking at all. Cops don’t think they are trying to protect themselves from the criminals because one of them had a bazooka. Where do criminals get these weapons? We don’t know. That’s why cops killed them. If they had a brain, shoot them in the leg. But no. They shoot to kill. One of these days, they will think hard about when to pull the trigger or not. Will it happen? Will they ever learn? Probably not. And probably not ever.

Something needs to change; the ballots need to be counted. People get tired of counting; we have Microsoft, Apple, and Silicon Valley. Can they make something? To make the ballots easier to count. We need programmers to write better software to make things easier to get results fast and accurate. We need a fair election. 

The future is coming fast, and the next election is coming sooner than you think. Will it ever change?