Oscar Presenters 2020

So the Oscars are tomorrow night. No spoilers. Just be surprised. They will be no host again, but they have presenters who will do better than the host. They would have James Corden, Mindy Kaling, Steve Martin, Kristen Wigg, Gal Gadot, Rebel Wilson, Josh Gad, Will Ferrell, and many more surprises. 

I wish they could have James Corden to host the Oscars next time in 2021. He is the perfect host. He could sing, act, and everyone loves James Corden

We all know the Oscars nominees for best actors are Antonio Bandera (Pain and Glory), Leonardo Dicaprio (Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood), Adam Driver (Marriage Story) Joaquin Phoenix (Joker), Johnathan Pryce (The Two Popes).

Oh, by the way, this is Luke Perry’s last movie, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood. It was never mentioned when the film came out, but I think they will do a tribute to him at the Oscars. Kobe Bryant, who died too soon, will be an honor. He won an Oscar for Dear Basketball (2018). 

Nominees for best Pictures are

Ford Vs Ferrari, The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Joker, Little Women, Marriage Story, 1917, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Parasite. 

Which one will win? I do not know even know. But stay tuned to watch it. They are all great films. If you have seen one of them, do you think your favorite will win? 

Did you know Scarlett Johansson is nominated for Two Oscars? One for Best Actress in Marriage Story and a supporting role in JoJo Rabbit. So if she wins, it will be her first. Her next movie is Black Widow coming out this year. If she were nominated for being a superhero, then it would be fantastic. 

Renée Zellweger is the favorite to win for best actress in Judy in a Biopic of the same movie, which isn’t nominated for best picture. Judy Garland never won an Oscar. She was nominated for the 1954 A Star is Born, and she was in the hospital given birth. Grace Kelly won for The Country Girl.  

If Cynthia Erivo wins an Oscar for Harriet, it will be her first to get the EGOT she got an Emmy, Grammy, and Tony. She is talented in every way. 

If you haven’t seen 1917, this is an incredible movie to watch. Even though it is shot in one take, how many days to shoot a film like 1917? It was 65 days. It was the complexity of the shots to make one whole movie and a lot of moving shots with props. I hope it will get the best editing, editing mixing, and sound mixing. I would not be surprised. The movie is fantastic. Go see it if you get a chance. If Sam Mendes wins for the best director, it will be the most significant gap in Oscar’s history. He won for American Beauty (1999) a twenty-year gap. 

Netflix movies are getting recognized, and they hope they will get one soon. Movies that were nominated are Dolemite Is My Name, The Two Popes, and The Laundromat (a film about which the less said, the better).

So watch the results on Sunday, February 9, ABC, at 7:00 pm – 11:45 pm est. And see who wins.