Her cheeks were sunken into her face. Her face was on one side of the pillow on the bed. I looked at her. I touched her face and it was cold. Flashes of memories ran inside of me. The memories of my mother and me together, like the pictures flashing quickly inside my mind. She used to take care of me when I was small. Now I take care of her. I busted out of the room crying in the hallway where she painted her pictures. It was our gallery. She did the paintings, and I did photography and paintings. And my dad did the gardening.

Oh my God, she’s gone. I ran to the kitchen to get my dad. He was watching the news. For me I have just finished a posting on my blog. Earlier ago, at the computer I felt a pull of my body to come to the room. I did not know that she was sending me a message to come to the room.

My dad felt her face and it was cold. He was there earlier ago in the room to change into his nightly clothes and prepared dinner. She had a broken hip few years ago. Ulcers on her heels and foot, and her elbows. And she had Alzheimer’s. She cannot get up she was bed ridden for a week, when this all happen.

Every morning, I would get her up in the morning. I would lift her off the bed to go to the potty. I would give her time to do her stuff while I get myself clean up. Once I got finished then I would clean her up. She loved her the sponge bath. I would wash her and talk to her when cleaning her.

When feeding her hands was constricted, she had arthritis. She could not eat her food; we have to feed with a spoon. She would eat anything, if she had some teeth. We have to puree her food like baby food for she could eat. My dad and I used to feed her, taking turns. She was just like a big baby to us. We used to make her open her mouth by saying. “Opened the tunnel for the food train could go in” she would smile at me and open her mouth and eat her food. This was routine for us.

It was the day, she had breathing problems one morning. We have given her food and medicine. Maybe the medicine couldn’t go down. We should have sung “A spoon full of sugar” from Mary Poppins to make the medicine go down, several times. Just to make her happy and smile at us and taken her medicine. She done her business in the potty and the nurse called that she would wrapped her feet. She had pressure sores on feet. When she sleeps, she stayed in one positons. But we had pillows on her elbows and feet to elevated them off the bed.

The nurse came and she noticed that her breathing was kind of off, not your normal breathing. Her mouth was opened. She had finished wrapping her feet.

Here’s my problem, I may be crazy, if she had trouble breathing should the nurse carry portable oxygen tanks for the patient who had trouble breathing instead of calling 911? Then diagnostic the problem, I know the nurses have to take care of the patient. They should have all kind of tools to make the patient feel good and have a quick recovery rate. She had to call 911 for oxygen and a respirator to make her breath properly. After that, my mom went to the hospital.

She died on February 17, 2016 at 6:00pm