Erin Andrews

If you are a celebrity staying in a hotel, don’t stay in a hotel. If you are an attractive person, and popular, still don’t stay in a hotel. We have perverts who want to see you naked through a peephole. Why? Because they have nothing else to do and want to expose you and make extra cash out of it.

I bet every man wanted to see the video of Erin Andrews. Why? Go home to your family.

ABC News legal expert Dan Abrams notes that because Barrett, the stalker, does not have that kind of money — he testified in court that the reason he filmed Andrews in the first place was in an effort to sell the video — she cannot reasonably expect to get any of the $28 million from him.

“The fact that the jury gave him only 51 percent and the hotel 49 percent is about as good as Erin Andrews could have asked for because now she’s got a big number coming from the hotel,” Abrams said.

Here’s a tip carry duct tape where ever you go to a hotel or motel and covered the peep hole.