Have you ever got a song stuck in your head? I have. First, I like the song then I saw this group performed on a talent show on NBC. No it’s not Jackie Evancho, it’s impossible for me to sing opera, but I love her voice and she’s cute.  She got second place. How come every time when someone wins a talent competition the runner up or second place winner succeed way much better than the winner? Clay Aiken did!

Anyway, this song that I can’t get out of my head, it’s not from Kylie Minogue song. Even though it is a catchy song. I am bopping my head right now with the song in my head. It can be annoying when I start to hum it quietly either from my head and it comes out through my mouth. The next thing I am shaking it up in my underwear in my bathroom dancing and singing the song. Never leave the door opened in your bathroom while shaving. Luckily I did not cut myself and bleed. My sister was staring at me. Awkward and embarrassed.

How many times I have to hear “Hey, Soul Sister” from Train, that’s the song that is in my head. Get a sister who is your soul sister and move on! I love GLEE best show. When Blaine (Darren Criss) sang to Kurt (Chris Colfer) “Hey Soul Sister” should that be “Hey Soul Brother”. I know it’s a TV show I am not condoning because Kurt is a gay character on the show. Is that I keep hearing the song on other TV episode for example Hellcats on the CW network, when the two girls share a dorm room together and confessed to one another. Gay? No! It’s a TV show!

I am listening to Jackie Evancho album. Her voice calms me down. What?! She singing “Hey Soul Sister” by Train too . I wish a Train would hit Train!