FBI Reading My Post?

Did your internet go down yesterday? If you did? Then you know why? You should not write bad stuff about the president of theUnited States, the FBI is scanning your computer, and they know where you live at. Whatever  you wrote they were reading it. Just like now. If they are reading my post right I am not complaining of how to run the country—it’s not my job. Who elected him? The people did. He’s trying to do a good job.

Probably, the FBI wanted to scan people computers just to find if United States is being threatened by an inside source in the United States. They are few people out there who doesn’t like what the world is going through. We have to deal with it. What we have to do – Get A Life! Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what is wrong with the world and go online to update your status on Facebook, is that obvious?  I have no objection. It’s nice to vent and share it with other people in the group what happens if one of your friends works in the government, then what would you do? We get into trouble.

What we say we want to be heard, but who will listen to us – no one.  We all want to be problem solvers, but sometime it doesn’t work that way. It’s a threat to theUnited Statesand the security. We have too many terrorists who want to attack us. We have to stop these terrorists penetrating our country. And the best way is our computer and the internet. Go back to snail mail.

2 thoughts on “FBI Reading My Post?

  1. I dont buy the fact that the internet outtage for people was the government spying on us. However I do think the internet and what you say online is being watched but so is everything else you do. Being watched is no reason to be censored about what you say. If you disagree with what the President says or does you have a right to do so verbally.

  2. …You do realize people’s internet was shut down because they had a DNS changer-type virus from an illegal group, were given time to clean it from their computers, and the FBI finally shut down the server causing everyone who hadn’t cleaned it out to lose access, right?

    It had nothing to do with any kind of conspiracy to ~search people’s computers~. They’ve been warning everyone what was going to happen for MONTHS now.

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