Sweet Briar College is a liberal arts women’s college in Sweet Briar, Virginia. It’s north of Lynchburg, Virginia. The school motto translates as: “She who has earned the rose may bear it.”

The school is named after the former Sweet Briar plantation, the former plantation of Elijah Fletcher and his family. Fletcher was a 19th century teacher, businessman, and mayor of Lynchburg. His wife, Maria Crawford, is credited with naming the land Sweet Briar. By the mid-19th century, Fletcher had between 80 and 100 slaves at the plantation. After their emancipation in 1865, several continued to work for pay and live at Sweet Briar. On Elijah Fletcher’s death, his daughter, Indiana, inherited the plantation.

When she passed in 1900, she willed the land and much of her assets to starting a college for women, as her daughter Daisy had passed at 16 and, therefore, never had a chance to attend college.

In the Princeton Review it’s one of the best women college, if someone wanted more information their site was taken down temporarily either by the storm or the series of Syfy “School Spirits” if they are afraid of bad publicity and women should know the history, of the school, but let’s look the bright side of the school and I will explain the dark side.

As I mention before, it’s one of the best women colleges, with the best career service, best class discussion encouraged, and the best most beautiful campus a girl will love to go. The professor get’s high marks in teaching and classroom experiences. Being the best of everything’s SweetBriarCollege for women ranks in the top 20 of academic university even though it’s a women’s college, that’s how women became smart, by going to the best school for women.

Even with the best college out there, it’s bound to have their own stories about their university, and their paranormal activity that we don’t know about it, until students and professor witness these and have a class discussion about this.

They can focus on their studies when things happen, and they can’t explain they need to tell their stories. Students are not alone in witness these paranormal activities.

Dani Humphrey told her story during an interview in New York with the producers of the Syfy “School Sprits” and when she finished that day she flew back home.

She said she thinks producers chose her story because it actually didn’t involve Daisy but Indiana Fletcher Williams’ much more sinister-sounding brother, Lucien.

“It started off as random things happening in my dorm room. Certain things moving, scratching noises from a room that no one lived in,” she said. “Sophomore year, my roommate and I … woke up in the middle of the night to see a man sitting on the edge of our air mattress. It was freaky.”

Humphrey said they had repeated encounters with his ghost over the years, almost as if he was following them from dorm to dorm.

“One night, I fell asleep and I had this dream that I was being shaken,” she said. “And I woke up, went to my swim meet and one of my teammates was like, ‘Dani, what’s on your arm?’ I had a bruise that was wrapped around my entire bicep.”

But Humphrey said it was never enough to scare her out of returning to Sweet Briar.

“For me, personally, I figure that it’s just him trying to kick out as many people as possible,” she said. “You can’t run away from something that you don’t know. It’s just a negative energy, and the more positive energy you put out, it cancels it out. Why not just stick it to him? Like, yo, I’m not leaving.”

Gutierrez hasn’t had any ghostly encounters herself, but was interviewed for the episode to give some historical context.

“This whole area was deeply affected by the Civil War,” she said. “The idea that ghosts linger … is kind of a way of connecting us to the college.”

Now that her story is about to go public, Humphrey said she’s excited but also nervous.

“I don’t know how people are going to take it,” she said.

“When people go on these shows, the number one fear is being perceived as crazy. I’m excited to get the story out there. I think everyone needs to know about it. It is an idyllic campus, but there are secrets that the outside world needs to know.”