American Got Talent: You have too Pick

The best of the best performance will be performing on July 2, 2012 on NBC 8:30pm and what it takes to be a contestant on the American Got Talent  show – a lot of nerves. If the contestant can audition before a crowd and the judges without getting stage fright, then that contestant made it.

Watching the audition’s process was quite interesting for the past weeks. Some have talent and some not, or they want to be on TV to show what talent they have – they need to practice some more. Or they think someone will see them and give them another chance for stardom. Practice your craft; you have a year to prepare.

Here are the contestants that the judges pick and hopefully one would win and get the million dollar act.

Here are the top 48 contestants:

787 Crew – San Juan,Puerto Rico(Dance Group)

All Beef Patty -Brooklyn,NY(Drag Queen)

All That! -Myrtle Beach,SC(Male Clogging Group)

All Wheel Sports -Los Angeles,CA(Bike Dance Variety)

American BMX Stunt Team -Durham,NC(BMX Stunt Team)

Aurora Light Painters -San Francisco,CA(Graffiti Light Painting)

Ben Blaque -Branson,MO(Crossbow Act)

Big Barry -Ft. Lauderdale,FL(Singer)

Cristin Sandu -Las Vegas,NV(Balancing Act)

Danielle Stallings -Richmond,VA(Singer)

David “The Bullet” Smith –Englewood,FL(Human Cannonball)

David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s -Sacramento,CA(Performance Painting)

Donovan and Rebecca – StonyBrook,NY(Acrobalance)

Edon -Chicago,IL(12 year old singer)

Elusive -Austin,TX(B-Boy)

Eric and Olivia -Austin,TX(Acoustic Duo)

Eric Dittelman -Boston,MA(Magician/Comedian/Mind Reader)

Hawley Magic -Shelby,NC(Illusionist Couple)

Horse -Harrisburg,PA(Daredevil)

Inspire the Fire -Charlotte,NC(Hip Hop Choir)

Jacob Williams -Chicago,IL(Comedian)

Jake Wesley Rogers -Ozark,MO(Singer/Guitarist)

Jarrett and Raja -Las Vegas,NV(Comedy Illusionists)

Joe Castillo -Lexington,KY(Sand Story Artist)

Lisa Clark Dancers -Sacramento,CA(Contemporary / Classical Dancers)

Lightwire Theater -New Orleans,LA(Electroluminescent Puppet Show)

Lil Starr -Chino,CA(Tap Dancer)

Lindsey Norton -Tampa,FL(Solo Dancer)

Lion Dance Me -San Francisco,CA(Lion and Dragon Dancing)

Michael Nejad -San Jose,CA(Musician)

Nikki Jensen –Sydney,Australia

Olate Dogs -New York,NY(Performing Dogs)

Rock Star Juggler Mike Price – Las Vegas ,NV (Juggler)

Sebastien “El Charro de Oro” -San Antonio,TX(Young mariachi singer)

Shanice and Maurice Hayes -Kansas City,MO(Father/Daughter Duo)

Spencer Horsman -Baltimore,MD(Escape Artist)

TheAll Ways-New York,NY(Upbeat Cover Band)

The Distinguished Men of Brass -Tampa,FL(Dancing Brass Band)

The Scott Brothers – Las Vegas,NV (Cartoon Popping)

The Untouchables -Fort Lauderdale,FL(Junior Miami Allstars)

Tim Hockenberry -San Francisco,CA(Singer/Musician)

Todd Oliver -Branson,MO(Stage circus with rescued pets)

Tom Cotter – Stoney Point, NY (Standup Comedian)

Turf -San Francisco,CA(Dance/Contortion)

Ulysses -Statesville,NC(Singer/Impersonator)

Unity In Motion -Cape May,NJ(Contortion Troupe)

William Close -Los Angeles,CA(World’s Largest Stringed Instrument)

Wordspit and the Illest! -New York,NY(Musical Band)

There are some acts that are too dangerous that is not talent or being freaked to have talent. It’s nice to be known to have that talent in a freakish way. I don’t know why the judges put them through. It’s entertaining to watch, but it will be an influence by future contestants who want to do the same thing. They say, “Don’t do this at home” and they really meant this. It’s dangerous, and someone might go to the hospital with an arrow in the head, while still alive.  Not good. Please have some into talent.  You have a year to prepare.

So please vote for your favorite and keep them in the running to win America Got Talent 2012.

One thought on “American Got Talent: You have too Pick

  1. I know that out of all the acts going to the big apple my money is on Turf and William Close. Here’re two acts I loved the most and I’m hoping make it to the grand prize. Americas Got Talent’s one of my favorite shows I enjoy during primetime and now I’m able to watch this show commercial free. I’ve been able to cut out all the commercials using the Auto Hop feature. You can still watch annoying commercials, Dish’s only making it easier by eliminating the need to manually fast forward them. I just have to press play and watch my shows once I confirm whether I want to skip commercials or not. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me this sweet feature, and how I can stay focused on my shows and not commercials. This takes the hassle of having to replace the remote batteries as often.

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