When I saw first saw this site of Petrol Direct, we can ship our gas to the UK, because the UK gas price is more expensive – which is basically true. Isn’t this weird, we shipped our gas to the UK, does this contradict the situation. If we shipped our gas to the UK, how does it go through security? Gas or oil has to be super cool, really cold, beyond the freezing point in order to be shipped. It can put weight on the plane,  and the plane will go too.

This site was a hoax and a prank. It was mention on the site, in the fine print, of course. Who will send gas to the airport – someone can get arrested? Many peoples send comments to a particular forum and complained about it. The person who created the site was Conrad Longmore  a humorist who wrote this site and people fell for it, even I, not really.  Conrad’s writing was very convincing and funny, and he offered how to save on gas too.