As you may know who won the Super bowl last night. A mighty big win for the commercials, the super commercials wins! Yeah! Anyway, it was the New York Giants. It was a close win.New York Giants 21 – 17 victory over the New England Patriots. If your team won, good. If not, oh well better luck next time. It’s only a game.

The Super Bowl performance was absolute fantastic, Madonna performed. Oops, sorry my ringtone on my phone is playing “Like a virgin” let me cut that off. I meant the ring tone on my phone. It’s my sister who’s calling me. I will talk to her later.  Did anyone see LMFAO performance with Madonna? There was a malfunction on the show, it was the finger malfunction. One of the singers used the middle finger and pointed into the air. I caught that with my eye, it was there for two seconds, and it was gone.

Manning Named for MVP.

I hope NBC got some good ratings for this.

And by the way I will be XLVI in May.