When a woman wears sweats, it looks good on a certain woman, especially with their hair pull back into a pony tail, then it would look sexier. Sweats that could fit a WWE wrestler are comfortable — but flattering? Not so much. So this slightly more body-conscious look was a major hit. It’s form fitting but it’s easy to slip off  and feel comfortable. It’s like an afternoon delight. Never do wedgy on your spouse, that’s not sexy and wearing a touch me t-shirt.

Also, guys would like to see on their woman is a simply sexy dress. It will definitely make men turn their heads and hit a light pole. If a man whistles at a woman wearing a sexy dress, a taxi cab out of nowhere would pull up, even in the living room.  One advice came from Carl, 27: “Keep it basic and let your curves do the talking.”

What could look better on woman is very simply, a white tank top and jeans. Jeans shorts could look too, but going too short like a Dixie shorts-shorts, it’s a lady preference and how their legs will look, and when a man see this, they will walk into a man-hole! But it innate sexiness to a woman, when they walk down the street and they will feel confident and comfortable in wearing it.

A pencil skirt and classic heels will look absolutely stunning in an office. “Short skirts don’t leave enough to the imagination,” summed up Kevin, 27. As for platform heels? “Tacky,” deadpanned David, 42. Which is where this iconic sexy-librarian look packs a punch: “She looks respectable yet flirtatious and inviting,” says Mike, 28. “I’d take her home to Mama and get approved by the parents!”

Undies will look great on the woman, but not the “old-lady panties.” But ultimately, as much as guys love lacy underthings, the most important factor is not that it’s the size of a postage stamp but that it makes you feel pretty. As Eric, 33, said, “Anything she wears that I can tell makes her feel amazing is hot. Even better if that something is lingerie.”