Eliminated on April 7, 2011What just happened tonight on American Idol? I was shock and awe. Pia Toscano going home, this is not right at all. Where did American Idol fans went to? A ball game? Dance recital? Watching ABC comedy line up. Who watches that? You were supposed to do your duty and vote for your favorite on American Idol. Probably the teeny bobbers did not like her, or the haters did not like at all. If you think the show was rigged, they should have rigged the show and make someone leave the show, then it would be rigged.

The judges should have thought this through, two weeks ago, when they save Casey Abrams, if they have let him go home, Nami would have gone home last week, and Thia would have been safe. The American Idol FANS did not support her as well. I blame American Idols FANS! Vote more than once. Is there a loophole?

The judges were upset and shock and awe too, if there was miracle, and the last minute of votes did not come through. She would have been saved. I demand a recount!!

The boo’s rain came across the audience, they voted, American idol fans, and I voted too. Can someone walk out and bring back Pia Toscano back to the show.

Randy Jackson said it the best “I’m with Jennifer And I think with [Idol judge Steven Tyler]. I mean, I’m shocked. I’m gutted. You’re one of the best singers in this. Do you know what I’m saying? By the way Ryan, we said it last night. No one is ever safe. If you thought that she was safe, look at where she is now. You didn’t vote. So you gotta vote for whoever you love. Dude, I’m never upset on this show and I’m never really mad, but this makes me mad. It’s like, ‘What is going on?'”

It is a popularity show, teens and adults are voting for their favorite and their favorites are going home, too soon.

Pia Toscano is my American Idol.