Breaking Dawn part 1: Bite the Bride

Breaking Dawn will become the biggest blockbuster movie since Titanic. It’s an epic love story between a Vampire and Werewolf, Edward and Jacob, who will get Bella Swan. In other words, who will keep her warm? Well, Vampires are dead and cold, while the werewolf is always warm. She can’t decide?

Bella and Edward, plus those they love, must deal with the chain of consequences brought on by a marriage, honeymoon, and the tumultuous birth of a child which brings an unforeseen and shocking development for Jacob Black.

With only four books in Stephenie Meyer’s chart-busting series (as opposed to the seven Harry Potters), the people behind the “Twilight” movies can be forgiven for stretching out the screen experience for as long as possible. The movie is two hours long and is much better than, two hours and 30 minutes. Is there an intermission I must pee?! The movie is approximately two hours.

(“Breaking Dawn” 2 hits next November.) And, after all, so much does happen in this movie, which takes the arc of human experience — birth and death and everything in between — and works it up into a rich, sudsy lather. In the past, Bella (played with increasing confidence by Kristen Stewart) has been almost eclipsed by Edward (Robert Pattinson),  his bloodsucking brood and their battles. Here, though, she returns as the emotional and psychological cornerstone in a series in which the center of gravity has shifted from frenzied action and reaction to love.

When part two comes out next November 2012 can vampire’s age? Something may be different. If you read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga books, it’s like a mini-series franchise movie, maybe in the future deluxe DVD’s set of the movie. Don’t buy it now, just wait until it comes out in a set, buying it individual may be good, it’s up to you.

Did you know they had to re-edit some scenes? It was the love making scenes? It got pretty hot and someone dropped the boom mike on Kristen Steward’s head. Sorry. I got excited.

And I couldn’t find the Ellen DeGeneres in the movie. I know, it was a parody she spoofed on the show. However, there was a bathroom scene with Bella and Edward in it.

Be sure stay after the movie when the credit rolled, there’s a surprised at the end.

Overall it was a must go movie of the week. It was fantastic to watch. The visual and the cinematography of the movie are splendid to watch.

Bieber Got a Girl friend

Just because Justin Bieber or Beaver has a girlfriend now, it doesn’t mean the fans of Justin Bieber have to attack his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.  His fans are crazy. Maybe one of the fans might become a stalker and stalked Selena Gomez. It’s crazy. His fans have to grow up. Every teen grows up to be an adult and make choices. If these pre-teens know better of Justin Bieber and they think they could date Justin Bieber, these pre-teens should have one thing – a driver license!

Pretty soon Selena Gomez will close all her social sites and no one will know what she’s up to her fans of teens and pre-teens will be left in the dark. I hope Justin Bieber will close all his social sites that will drive all his fans of teens and pre-teens into the dark. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have a right to close their social sites, they created it and they can delete it. If they get some craze stalker fans they would be arrested immediately. They have a right to have a private life.