Miley Cyrus new CD Can’t Be Tame is a hit and on the big Billboard hit.  She is still a teenager, but she’s growing up. Her style of music has grown too, but please do not compare her to Britney Spears.  The songs on the CD are a mixture of dance songs and ballads, which is not bad to listen while you drive. But please don’t dance and drive at the same time, it’s embarrassing to see a person driving and singing along in the car radio. Awkward.

Many people are criticizing about her performance on the “Britain Got Talent” she simulate a girl-on-girl kiss. Simulate is the key word here, she wouldn’t do it for real, it will hurt her career. She then gyrate on stage on the Much Music Award, I need to see this,  evidentially she’s still a teenager. Is not her behavior on stage, it’s the performance level and what the audience is seeing.  If they think, a normal teenager shouldn’t do this, think again. She’s a star and she could do anything she wants too. Miley Cyrus is growing up and she’s needs to break out of her shell and be an adult, a teen adult, she can’t be a teenager forever. Of course, nobody is perfect, she is doing films, recording and concerts. Her new season “Hannah Montana Forever” will be her last season on the Disney Channel, it will appear in July 2010, and it will end in 2011. Can’t wait to see it.