Have you ever gone to the trash dump and dump own trash? One day they missed my house and so I went to my neighbor’s house, which was behind my house. I put my trash in his trashcan and when the trash people come to pick it up, they see a lot of trash in front of his house. The trash people wondered what kind of people who lived in this house, with a lot of trash. They threw it out anyway.

Another time, I saw this person throwing out her own trash at one of these recycle bin trash center. Is there a way right way and wrong way of holding a trash bag.  The wrong way, she grabbed the trash bag and placed it over her shoulder and the trash juice just trickle down her back, that’s gross. Isn’t? The right way, she had to go back home to take a bath to get rid of the trash juice smell.  Who wants to smell like trash at the office?