American Got Talent: The Best Source of Laughter and Get Your Scare On


America’s Got Talent. Wow. Great talent. It is the platform to make people dreams come true, even if they don’t make it, they got the recognition they deserve and even X to prove it by one of the judges.  It’s nice to be live on stage in front of the audience and millions of people watching you. Stage Fright?

All the judges were prepping before going onstage, including Howie Mandel, he even blows dry his hair. He has no hair. Maybe he does have hair somewhere on his body.

Ian Brown, a contestant with no talent, wanted to be a judge on AGT, it is not an easy job to do. For one thing, you have to be likable and have a great sense of humor, preferable a comedian, Like Howie Mandel who was seated behind him. Simon’s best friend. They did share a hair dryer together.

When Mike the contestant performed a song, it was unusual. He played with his hands, that was strange enough. Even Ian did not use his sense of humor. If I were Ian, I would say to Mike: “Did you wash your hands before coming on stage?” insult comedy is always the best. For Ian, he wanted to tell as is it. Ian wasn’t funny, and Simon missed Howie, and nobody can’t replace Howie Mandel.  Both acts were no good. Here’s the video

The long hair beauty that scared U.S. version of American Got Talent, Scared Riana, is indeed a remarkable illusion. Remember it’s an act and character, and she can creep you out with her magic. And she won Asia’s Got Talent over a year ago. So that’s good. What she did with her prize package, come to America and perform for America’s Got Talent. It’s a free country. She can do anything. People leave her alone. I hope she stays. She‘s one to watch, and I hope she stays in the competition. Here’s the video.

If you are stress out, you should watch this Vicki Barbolak

If you are still stressed out, you should watch this La Fontain Uname, watch it.

Be sure to America’s Got Talent on Tuesday Night on NBC at 8pm. TV is not boring

Darci Lynn Wins America’s Got Talent

darci 5 - 2

Darci Lynn wins America’s Got Talent Season 12! Congratulations!

It has been an emotional ride for her, and she did it with her good friends, Rocky, Petunia, and Edna her puppet friends. So what’s she going to do with her millions of dollars – pay bills? What bills does she have? She’s a teenager. Probably the parents will handle the financial and she’s going to perform in Las Vegas in November, but before she does that, she has to go back to school and brag to her friends that she won America’s Got Talent. She will be busy for the next weeks to come. You know homework, school, and friends. She had a tutor on the set, which is good.

Did you know 52 million people voted for their favorite performer?  This is good for America’s Got Talent, can’t wait to see next year.

Light Balance and Divalo were absolutely fantastic; I hope they perform soon in Las Vegas. Derek Hough was dancing with Light Balance, that was a surprise.

Kelly and Simon

Kechi, Angelica Hale sang with Kelly Clarkson “Stronger” incredible voices, first American Idol winner in 2002, and she sang a new song “Love so Soft” it’s a hit song.  Kelly Clarkson also reunites with Simon Cowell; he’s a producer for AGT.  Oh, by the way, be sure to watch the NEW American Idol coming in 2018 on ABC.

mandy and Twain 1

Marlee Matlin introduces Mandy Harvey. Mandy Harvey was an incredible singer, and she sang with Shania Twain, and she performed her new song called “Life’s About To Get Good.”

Evie and James

Evie Clair performs an original song, and she was joined by Chase Goehring and James Arthur. James and Evie Clair sang “Okay day,” and James hit song “Say You Won’t Let Go.”

Sara C 1

Sara Carson Attempts To Train The Judges’ Dogs – America’s Got Talent 2017


Sara Carson trains the judge’s dogs and immediately put Howie Mandel in time out because of his bulldog. It’s quite hilarious.  I hope Sara and her dogs get to work in TV and films.

Preacher Lawson Performs At The Laugh Factory – America’s Got Talent 2017


Howie Mandel and Preacher Lawson, great comedians and I hope Preacher Lawson makes it big in Hollywood either joined a show or have his own show.

Darci Lynne & Jeff Dunham Ventriloquists America’s Got Talent 2017

The other performs Mandy Harvey, Chase Goehring, Evie Clair, Sara and Hero (and her dogs) Divalo, Light Balance, Preacher Lawson, Kechi, and Angelica Hale.  They were all good. It’s not the end for them it’s a new beginning for them. They will succeed life after America’s Got Talent.

America Got Talent: Call Backs 2

Puddles the Ckown

For the second week, 20 acts will perform, and 7 will move on, that leaves 13 acts to leave the competition, but will leave with their dignity that they made it through this round. They should do the same thing when American Idol comes back in the Spring of 2018. They should have new rules of how to select the best talent.

One example would be Jokgu the piano playing chicken gave the crowd a huge response when he auditions for the first time. However, when it was time for the callbacks for a second-time audition and played with another chicken. Both chickens got stage fright and one poop out an egg, I guess they were out. And I had fried chicken for supper.

For the guest judge, they brought recording artist DJ Khaled to help identify real talent for the evening.

It was no surprised that Khaled had a soft spot for one of the singers, they were other singers who were also great, but he had to pick one of the acts. I think they should change the golden buzzer rules watch all the acts first and then pick one to go to the live shows. Evidently, Khaled chooses Chase Goehring. He was trying to push the button again for Evie Clair, but it did not work, only act for each week, bummer.

Evie Clair 1

One of my favorites was Puddles Pity Party the Clown, Simon worst nightmare but this clown was special, the clown can sing. Sad clown with a fantastic voice. If this clown was on The Voice, the judges would not know who it is.  He sang a Celine Dion power ballad “All By Myself” to a huge ovation from the crowd and the judges. I bet the clown will be in the Top 5.

In the end, the judges had to choose which acts will go through the next round. I like this version of American Got Talent when the acts have to perform again for the audience and a guest judge. And the guest judge has to choose one of the acts to go through.

In this round, seven acts are saved, and they are Chase Goehring, Puddles the Sad Clown, Mirror Image, Junior and Emily, Colin Cloud, Yoli Mayor and Evie Clair.

Last week, they had Chris Hardwick, comedian and the host of The Wall a game show on NBC, gave his Golden Buzzer to 9-year-old singer Angelica Hale.

Advancing to the next round along with The Masqueraders, Sara and Hero, Singing Donald Trump, (My Favorite – don’t ask me he’s entertaining), Just Jerk, Demian Aditya, and Eric Jones

They’ll all perform at the Dolby Theater in the live rounds.

Who are your favorites?

Be sure to tune in every  Tuesday Night at 8 pm on NBC! Tuesday Night is Family Night!


American Got Talent: The Results

American Got Talent

Ariana Grande kick the show of by singing “Break Free”, she was dancing and prancing. She’s an amazing singer.

Then Nick Cannon out and announced to the TV audience that they can save their favorite acts one more time. By using the Snapple Save, the contestants were:

Aerial Animation

David & Leeman

Mara Justine

What? Not enough votes from last night performances and they have to do a revote? Oh well, I submitted my vote.

Group 1: Flight Crew Jump Room, Bad Boys of Ballet and Mike Super.

The results: Mike Super wins this round!

Group 2: Andrey Moraru and Sons of Serendip

The results: Sons of Serendip.

Group 3: Emily West, Paul Leti, Miguel and Dan Naturman

For this group Emily West and Miguel are safe and Paul and Dan are going home.

The final group for the Snapple Save, millions of people have voted, let me remind you who they were and they were: Aerial Animation, David & Leeman , and Mara Justine.

Everyone loves Mara Justine and she’s safe and she’s happy.

Now there were two: Aerial Animation and David & Leeman

Now the judges have to pick who they want to save.

After a long a deliberation and down to final seconds of the show, the judges make their decisions. Heidi votes to save David & Leeman. Howie votes to save David & Leeman. Howard votes to save David & Leeman, so they are going into the Top 12 and Aerial Animation are headed home!

X Factor Audition Process

Simon and the Girls 9 14 2013

When Rylie Brown performed her song she almost forget the words of the song, but she recovered and made a tremendous come back. She had a great voice and determination. The judges like her and Simon said “you are the one to watch” meaning will she win the competition?

When Yosselm Marquez performed she sang and good voice, but why was she using her phone? She did not know the words of the song, but she had the lyrics on her phone. Is that how she cheats in school?  And yet she thought she would be a Latin bombshell Diva just like Paulina and the song she sang was a massacre.  It looked like she never saw the show and she did not know the rest of the judges, especially Simon.  She went home to her rock.

Roxxy Montana, sassy, adorable sibling trio who start strong on Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only.” But it quickly falls apart.  They regroup, however, and come back strong with an a cappella church song. And it work, with the right training they will do better when they got chosen to participant to be on the X-factor.

Denise Weeks, a subway singer, sang Whitney’s “Greatest Love of All” with the music track, but she was rushing with the song. Simon stopped the music and told her to sing a cappella and take her time and she did. She sang it perfectly with emotions.  No more singing in the Subway.

They should have shower install on the stage for contestants could sing in the shower.

Simone Torres sang and performed “Mustang Sally” it was good.  Her voice was bluesy and husky and bold.  If they can mold her into something modern, she could make it far.

Jorge Peña an Ice Cream truck sales and driver he knows his flavor with the girls and he’s a smooth operator. He sang good.  He insulted Demi by calling her woman and Demi did not like it. Paulina spoke to him in Spanish and he understood what she said. Paulina said in Spanish to straighten up with his behavior or go home immediately. I hope Demi doesn’t get him to be his Mentor. Background check anyone?

When a contestant Jocelyn Hinton sang, it was a little bad, but she kept on singing. The judges said no. It was not her calling to be a singer. So Simon walked her off the stage, because she would not go home.

When Russ Pouliot, elderly  sang Moon River the  generation gap of baby boomers or better yet generations X, the younger people booed him off. He did not sing good, it must have been generation Z, like in Zzzz. Asleep. Simon Cowel sang worst than him. If Simon was a music producer he could have used auto-tune it. They both went home. I meant the Russ went home.

So how was the show? With the new judges, all female judges and Simon included. It could be good.  Who will get what? The group, the over 25, boys and girls. The judges will be mentors of these contestants to be better singers and we will judge later when it comes to the live shows.

American Idol Pick 13 Contestants For the show

Phillip Phillips, of Leesburg Ga.

Heejun Han,  quirky 22-year-old nonprofit organizer ofNew York.

Skylar Laine, spunky 18-year-old country crooner, from Brandon, Miss.

Hollie Cavanaugh,18-year-old vocalist, ofMcKinney,Texas.

Colton Dixon, 20-year-old alt-rock musician, of Murfreesboro,Tenn.

Jermaine Jones, 25-year-old “gentle giant”, of Pine Hill,N.J.

Joshua Ledet, booming 19-year-old student of Westlake,La.

Shannon Magrane, soaring 16-year-old vocalist of Tampa,Fla.

Jessica Sanchez,16-year-old ofSan Diego.

Elise Testone, 28-year-old teacher ofCharleston, S.C

Wild Card

Deandre Brackensick,17-year-old student of San Jose,Calif.

Jeremy Rosado, 19-year-old receptionist of Valrico,Fla.

Erika Van Pelt, 26-year-old disc jockey of South Kingstown, R.I

The others were sent home because they weren’t good, such as Eben Franckewitz, he sang “Set Fire to the Rain” apparently he could have done a dance routine and sang “Singing in the Rain.” It wasn’t his night.

Brielle Von Hugel, sang a “Someone Like You” by Adele, someone like her couldn’t sing like Adele only Adele could sing her own song. Sorry stage mom, the daughter will be someone going home.

Do these contestants study the lyric’s prose of the song and get the meaning of the song? The song is a character. It has emotions, the same thing like acting.  If we know the character and portray the actor really good we could be a better actor. Jean Dujardin from the “The Artist” grab 5 awards including Best Picture and for Best Actor, a silent film.  The silent film did better than American Idol contestants (I am having a Simon Cowel moment). Apparently, some of the contestant missed their mark when they sang.

Some of the repeat contestants who auditioned last year did not make it through, but got cut during Hollywood week. They were giving a second chance, and they made it through the live show, and people voted for them.

American Idol St Louis Auditions

Since Carrie Underwood was discovered in St. Louis, and she won American in season 4 back in 2005, American Idol decided to go back to see what they could find an unique star. And here’s what they found:

Johnny Keyser, from Pompano Fla, sang “A Change is Gonna Come” he sang it with ease, and he had a jazzy style, and the looks came with it. His dad was outside watching through the monitors and said, “He’s like my brother, not my dad,” he said. “He’s got my back.”

David Coleman get’s the Artsy “silent” treatment in black and white. They made fun of his singing voice by speeding up the sound. So did the rejection of other contestants too, in black and white and funny. The rest of the cattle calls auditions went back to color.

Rachelle Lamb, a divorcee with a cute kid fromMissouri, sings (appropriately) “Find Somebody New” by Faith Hill. Her daughter joins her while she sings. The daughter was tap dancing while her mommy was singing.  She has style and a heart. “I like your moxie,” Steven said. She will most likely get some airtime starting next week.

Oliver McCrary takes down Seal. “Your wife’s going to look for a divorce if you keep singing like that,” said Randy, in a rare zinger. Trying to keep cool with his zinger to the contestants, Simon Cowel was the best at zingers so Randy is being creative with his zingers than insults.

Reis Kloeckener, 20, from St. Louis, has the next sob story. He was bullied at a big high school until he joined choir, and it helped him pull him through to be a better singer. He has a gentle, sensitive soprano he sang “Lean on Me,” “You made me cry,” Steven said.

Ethan Jones from Pontoon Beach,Fla. has a dad who went into drug rehab. He does a respectable Edwin McCain, but I suspect I won’t remember him by the end of the hour. “You look nothing like you sing,” Randy said. He talks to his father on the phone that he’s going to Hollywood.

Mark Ingram, works at the hotel where they are actually doing the auditions. Ryan gathers some of the employees. (This is unique!)  He has potential, but he hits some really bad notes that did not overjoy the judges. “Your voice and melody and keeping that tune was lacking a little bit,” Steven said. “Your voice gives out on you,” J. Lo said. “I want to say yes to you but can’t.” He sweats through “Part Time Lover” but fails miserably. Well back to his part-time job at the hotel.  He needs to practice and the best way to practice being at work at the hotel. Just entertain the guest as they enter through the lobby.