Haunted AirBNB House

It’s late in the middle of the afternoon, and you just arrived at your Air BNB for the evening. Everything that you plan is right at this location. The house is gorgeous, space is magnificent, the smell is breathtaking, it’s like someone bakes fresh pies of your favorite and it is making your mouth watery that you want to eat it, it feels like home, more like your childhood memories.

Eventually, when you sleep in the comfy of the bed, things bump into the night. The window was opened, and the breeze of the wind is coming through, making the drapes fly open. You get up and close the window. When you turned around, you scream in terror. You just saw a ghost face to face of a dead girl. Her eyes are sunken, long black hair and a white gown. 

You rushed to get your things. You pack up stuff in the suitcase, ran downstairs, jumped into your car and not looking back. Eventually, the ghost is still there at the house.

In 2017, Air BNB released that the owners should release if the house has any paranormal activity, which means no one can’t back out of the contract that they have signed. Or talk with the owners.

Here are some of the Haunted Air BNB around the USA:

The Stroud House, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Before you checked in the Stroud House, the host not the ghost will tell you about the house. The house was built in 1940. It’s been in the family for many generations. It’s located just a block from downtown Wake Forest, includes plenty of shiplap, the listing has its private entrance and sleeps three on one-queen size bed and a twin.

And it is haunted.

Witness has experiences footsteps in the hallway, lights turning on and off on their own. Orbs in the living room. A Shadowy figure in the kitchen (maybe it’s making pancakes), and the scary part is – a music box that plays by itself! (that’s even scarier)

Many people who have stayed in the house. I have not to experience the haunting, which is a good thing. If you don’t bother them, they will not bother you.

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The Manor: St. Paul, MN

This Manor is a good deal. For $55 a night, you can stay in the most beautiful and mysterious house in St. Paul.

According to Sean Doyle, the owner of the house, not only you will get scared, but you will also have strange visions of girls dressed in white who died in the home. In 1883, the girls were the descendants of the family who built the house.

In 1908, Rosalia Fihn had caught typhoid fever died. Doyle identified her in a photograph, based on the vision he’d had, that is placed on the dresser.

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Laura’s Cottage, Savannah, Georgia

In 1799, this beautiful cottage called Laura’s Cottage was one of the charming cottages. It features pine beams, antique furnishings, and a Juliet balcony where you can call out your lover next door, but don’t let down your hair. It’s also been modernized and updated, so you have all today conveniences that you needed. And they have gorgeous flowers.

We don’t know who Laura is, however, there’s a ghost that haunts the cottage. Witnesses have claimed that she makes herself known by opening windows and playing with lights on and off.

This cottage was featured in Robert Redford’s film “The Conspirator,” and it is a favorite for the local ghost tours too. You won’t find a space like this in Savannah, and it’s one of the favorite haunts. So see it yourself.

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Farnam Manor in Richfield, Ohio

In 1834, in Farnam Manor, the owner’s daughter drowned in a well. Since that happened, witness, have claimed to see her spirit on the grounds, and at the house. To experience the sighting of her apparition, one must bring your RV and spent the night on the grounds. If you do see her. You have no place to run, only your camper.

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Parks-Bowman Mansion, New Orleans

In the 1890s in New Orleans, there’s a quiet mansion called Parks Bowman Mansion, and legend has it is haunted by a young girl who has been seen floating around in a yellow dress.

So if you spent the night here, you might get a chance to see her.

Check in here

Are you brave enough to stay?

Please comment your story.

Vampire Blood: I want to Drink your Blood

If you get bitten by a Vampire Bat, you will not be turned into a Vampire. Or be fascinated with numbers and start counting – that’s on Sesame Street.

Eventually, you will not die, there will be a bite mark on your neck, and you will not turn into a Vampire. You won’t shapeshift into a vampire bat nor a wolf. Or put people into a trance and tell them to give you a quarter. You won’t have superspeed nor super strength. Nor have fangs. Nor your face and body will not be pale.  If I was you, get it checked out. You might have rabies.

You see, vampire venom is not deadly at all, according to the University of Queensland: Vampire Bat Venom could hold the key to new medical treatments. Peptides are mutated from Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP), and it relaxes your blood vessels, and peptides in bats are usually selective in their action and have lesser-known side effects. It can repair your skin, take out your wrinkles, and make you look younger. When you have a small cut on your body, and you place a band-aid on it, it can protect your skin, and your skin will grow back.

Drug traffickers knew about this and its super healing process, and it could save lives. By smuggling this into the United States would be difficult, and hospitals will have to pay a hefty price to get venom to heal their patients.

So, if you see a Vampire Bat flying by at night, leave it alone. It likes to eat fruit and vegetables. (that’s the process of looking young eat more fruits and vegetables) and don’t use a bat to kill it, these animals are not dangerous, and we need these animals.

Dybbuk: Box of Horrors

Box 1

When people were watching Ghost Adventure LIVE:  the opening of the Dybbuk box, they were suspecting the box would be open LIVE on the show. It’s like they wasted their time watching other possessed evil dolls and haunted items they have collected over the years. Even constructor workers walk off during the installation and reconstruction of the 1938 building. The building itself was owned by Cyril S. Wengert, a business person. His family members passed away and left their energy at the house. Especially the basement, that’s the most evil place where the Dybbuk is located – sealed.

You have to know the history of each haunted item. If you don’t know who are you gonna called? Ghost Busters! I have the song stuck in my head.

They are countless documentary featuring the Dybbuk Box, and they say the same thing over and over again. It’s evil.

How did it get here? A Holocaust survivor by the name of Havela who bought wine box in Spain. Dybbuk means a restless or malicious spirit that can haunt the living. It’s a Hebrew descent, and it has the Shema prayer in it.  Kevin Mannis bought the box after Havela’s death. In the years of owning the box, he had been experienced strange and tragic events with his life. He purchased this box for his wife, and she suffers a stroke.  The wife pointed out the box and wrote a note that says “hate gift” the wife survives in the hospital.

Mannis tries to get rid of the box by selling it on eBay with a warning, that the box is evil and if they purchased your life would not be the same. And of course, people bought it and evil happened to them. What they have experienced were evil nightmares that took over their life. It’s the same thing with Ouija Board. When would people stop purchasing the Ouija Board, it’s evil like the Dybbuk Box, the box itself is more deadly than Ouija Board. Stop buying it and posting videos on YouTube and paranormal groups on Facebook saying: “have you tried it?” we get it, it’s evil. Don’t buy it for any reason. Save yourself.  I rather watch cooking shows!

Everyone is curious, is it real? Of course, it is, the box is locked up in a basement of Zak Bagan’s The Haunted Museum, where they have a lot of haunted items. Such as the Raggedy Ann Doll of Annabelle Lee, the staircase from Indiana’s “Demon House” before it was demolished in 2014. As well as the “Propofol chair” from Michael Jackson’s death room. A doll name Peggy caused nosebleeds.

Post malone

Post Malone, musician, and rapper, visit the haunted museum and the box. He touched it. He was followed by a black figure that emerges from the museum. Malone house was burglarized, the plane that he was on made an emergency landing, and he was in a severe car accident.  A visitor dropped to the floor in the Dybbuk chamber and needed medical attention.

The visitor who wanted to visit the museum, there’s a waiver they must sign. If you touch an item or take a picture, it will follow you. One of my friends who touch an object or take a photo hasn’t been himself/herself for the past two years. So sad, passed away. Listen to your tour guide!




Haunted Universities

The sound of footsteps, door slamming, and children laughing are the creepiest sound that you might hear in the dead of night when you are fast asleep in your dorm room and be awakened in the middle of the night.  Most of the universities are haunted, but they are the most popular universities to go and they have an excellent curriculum.

Montcalri State University

Montclair State University in New Jersey is said to be one of the most haunted colleges in America.  For years there have been reports of doors and windows slamming, lights flickering on and off, constant cold, and even a ghost who hovers over the beds of the students.

Montclair is built on top of Indian burial grounds, and alumni say it’s a very scary school. So scary, that many refuse to go in the woods after sundown. There have been many reports of figures believed to be Native Americans spotted in the forests.

Students reported appliances and lights turned on and off, bedroom and bathroom doors would have opened and the sound of a little girl laughing in the hallway.  Door knobs would rattle too.

A female resident woke up in the middle of the night to find a man dressed in 19th-century clothing standing over her bed with a loving facial expression. She thought that it was her roommate’s boyfriend and told him that he had the wrong bed. After saying this, she watched the man suddenly vanish into thin air.

Cal State University

Cal State University Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA)

It is never a good idea to build a university on the grounds of an old insane asylum it was closed in 1997, and it was used as a film location for Halloween (1978).  Since it was abandoned for several years, in 2002, they opened Cal State, and students have reported seeing the universities old residents wandering the grounds, halls, and streets of Cal State. Inmates are seen entering rooms which are empty upon investigation. Another inmate dances in a parking lot at night, only to fade as he approaches the streetlights. Scarier still are the violent ghosts who have thrown objects, knocked students over, and vandalized locked classrooms.


Fordham University

Fordham’s Bronx campus is creepy looking enough to have been featured in The Exorcist (the campus was used in the filming of The Exorcist), and its plethora of ghost stories stand up to its frightening feel: the school, which dates back to 1841, was built atop of old hospitals and morgues and it is haunted by every kind of ghost, from children to priests.

More will come …

Boo… What’s that behind you!



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Boo Halloween!!

Are you ready to get your scare on for Halloween? Remember we do have good ghosts and bad ghost out there.

The good ghost are the ones that someone we love that passed away recently. Even though they are buried, they are still with us in the house watching us and making sure that we are okay.

Sometime when I do laundry and collected the clothes from my dad’s room. I always say “Good morning, Mom. Love you and miss you.”  I talk to her. She died in the bed room.  Sometime I do get a response and sometime I don’t, but I know she can hear me, which is good. Her presence is in the room and in the house.

I mention this in a previous post, that when she died a couple days ago after her death I saw an orb floating in the house. And I saw a shadow in the house. I wasn’t scare. I knew it was her. She is watching over us. And I heard her voice! It called out my name. Only I heard it. My dad did not hear it.

Her clothes are still in the closets, especially her saries that she wore to work at ECSU. It looked magnificent on her. I still have pictures of her in her saries. It’s hard to remove her clothes out of the closet and put in boxes.

“Mom I am putting your clothes in boxes for safe keeping” I would say.

Because if I did not say that, I would hear shuffling noise in the room or even poltergeist activity in the house, that would be scary. But I know who it is.

So talk to your decease love one, they can hear you.

If you feel cold or warm around your body, it’s not the house, it’s the presence of love one.

Summer time is the best time to have a decease loved one to walk around the house you can save a lot of money on air conditioner bill. They could keep the house cool on a hot day.

The bad thing about ghost is not telling what you doing, throwing things away, rekindle bad memories or bad behavior and talking about it. They can hear you!

Poltergeist activity in the house will start, like slamming doors where the windows are closed.  A room that was clean few minutes ago is messed up again in seconds when you come back to the room.  Can the ghost be neat?

Then you hear the toilet flushing? And no was home only you? Bad pipes? Can ghost pee? Was it a number one or two? Who are gonna called?

Aneska: Sweet and Dangerous

Aneska 4e

Melanie and Dave say the last nine years have been a living hell, and they’re at their wits’ end trying to find out what’s at the root of their 12-year-old daughter’s explosive rage. They say their daughter Aneska at first, seems cute as a button, charismatic and sweet, but that her behavior is explosively violent and terrifying.

They claim Aneska has threatened to kill her mother, choked her sister, kicked her brother in stomach, stolen her mother’s credit card, stalked and threatened the vice principal at her school, assaulted various adults and recently set fire to a comforter in their garage. They also say she has bludgeoned the pet hamster to death with a flashlight, and twisted the necks of baby birds and squeezed their guts out.

Aneska says she’s not the problem, everyone else is. She says she gets physical when frustrated, annoyed or mad, and there are times when she feels like someone else is in control of her body. She describe it what happen, some man in the Iraq war and this person got shot in the shoulder in a battle field. A possible of reincarnation and possession? She would talk to this person in her room alone.

How it started, it all started when she fell off her bike when she was young and hurt her head.

Aneska admits she uses her charm and flutters her eyelashes to get what she wants, but she says most of the time, her life is a very stressful, terrible, hell.

What’s at the root of Aneska’s explosive rage? Her parents say Aneska’s been hospitalized 17 times, and that her lack of emotion and remorse has them fearing they are raising a severely mentally disturbed child.

Many people think she’s an indigo child, meaning Indigo children is the name given to the new type of human being born in this generation. Displaying amazing feats of intuition and intelligence beyond their years, these indigos has begun more of a common concept within our lexicon. For real? She’s just a child. What happens when she grows up to be a real teenager or an adult? Will her behavior change or be more mature adult?

For the family, they are suffering with her behavior at home, and it can damage the mental behavior of her parents, and their other children who are afraid of her. Think of Michael Myers of Halloween. Hollywood should do a movie about her either on the big screen or TV screen.

Aneska was diagnosed with bipolar and significant sensory dysregulation disorders and her pediatrician is helping in  eliminate all the meds that she was prescribed. Now that they have a better idea of what’s troubling Aneska, the family is hopeful that her behavior will improve.

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Boo!! Halloween!

So Halloween is approaching soon so what are you going to wear? The biggest surprise of this year would be Big Bird? Why would anyone want to be dress like Big Bird, even though Mitt Romney said something like cutting funding for PBS, and Big Bird is the main CEO of Sesame Street?  Big Bird did get a lot tweets.  Did you get it? Tweets and Big Bird. They are both birds related.

Halloween costume is out of the question.  I would not be wearing it. I am five foot four inches and Big Bird is 7 to 8 feet tall. If I dressed like Big Bird, it will be mini version of Big Bird more like the mini-me-big-bird.

Whenever a scary movie comes to town, people will want to see it and people don’t get scared of the movie. You know why, people already seen the trailer of the movie and sometime it will give away the scary part of the movie.  Why don’t they cut the trailer to 15 seconds instead of 2 minutes? Make it less scare for people want to come to the movies and watch the whole movie at the movie theater.  Now where did my popcorn go? Oh there it is, it was floating in front of me. I disappear like the road runner on steroids – or was it Lance Armstrong on a unicycle.

For me, the true scary movies are good to get people scared, but the scariest part is the researched and interviews of the people who witness these paranormal activities – that’s the scariest of them all.  If you were watching Paranormal Witness in the fall of 2012 (second season) and School Spirits (first season) during the summer of 2012 on the Syfy network, these two shows will give what you want to get your scare on.  I like School Spirits, because they tell true tales of universities across the United States that are haunted with ghost and for the Paranormal Witness eyewitness stories of terrify ghost stories. It so much better than watching Paranormal Activities franchise film, they would either stretch the film to ninety minutes to two hours.

So this Halloween, when children come to your door and ring your door bell don’t scare them and grab their candy. I did that last year and I was recycling it. I would scared one group and collected their candy and when the next groups come I would give the first group candy to the second group. I save a lot of money for not buying any candy.

So be safe this Halloween, don’t egged or throw toilet paper on the wrong house – get the address right first.