If you get bitten by a Vampire Bat, you will not be turned into a Vampire. Or be fascinated with numbers and start counting – that’s on Sesame Street.

Eventually, you will not die, there will be a bite mark on your neck, and you will not turn into a Vampire. You won’t shapeshift into a vampire bat nor a wolf. Or put people into a trance and tell them to give you a quarter. You won’t have superspeed nor super strength. Nor have fangs. Nor your face and body will not be pale.  If I was you, get it checked out. You might have rabies.

You see, vampire venom is not deadly at all, according to the University of Queensland: Vampire Bat Venom could hold the key to new medical treatments. Peptides are mutated from Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP), and it relaxes your blood vessels, and peptides in bats are usually selective in their action and have lesser-known side effects. It can repair your skin, take out your wrinkles, and make you look younger. When you have a small cut on your body, and you place a band-aid on it, it can protect your skin, and your skin will grow back.

Drug traffickers knew about this and its super healing process, and it could save lives. By smuggling this into the United States would be difficult, and hospitals will have to pay a hefty price to get venom to heal their patients.

So, if you see a Vampire Bat flying by at night, leave it alone. It likes to eat fruit and vegetables. (that’s the process of looking young eat more fruits and vegetables) and don’t use a bat to kill it, these animals are not dangerous, and we need these animals.