DC Comics Coming to a Cinema Close to you soon

Are you a superhero fan? And wanted to know when your favorite hero is coming to the big screen near you? They are going to show theses movie between mid-summer and mid-fall.  Two movies that same year, it will take time for the production, making of the film, and casting.  The most will depend on budgeting of the film, if one film does well, it will go and make the other movies, if it flops and not succeeding their projected sales. It’s a gamble and things can change at the last minute. I hope they can pull it off and the sales of these superheroes franchise will succeed.

Here’s a list:

Batman Superman WW

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice(2016)

Director Zack Snyder’s superhero duel features DC’s most famous names. Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman while Ben Affleck will don the famous cowl to play Batman. Gal Gadot will also star in the 2016 film as Wonder Woman.


Suicide Squad (2016)

DC recently confirmed the cast for its Suicide Squad feature about the famed group of DC villains who team up to take on black-ops missions in exchange for reduced prison sentences. Will Smith will star as sharpshooter assassin Deadshot, Tom Hardy will play the group’s leader Rick Flagg, and Jared Leto will take on the role of The Joker. Australian actress Margot Robbie will also star as The Joker’s on-again/off-again girlfriend (and legitimate baddie in her own right) Harley Quinn.

Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman (2017)

After being featured as the Amazonian warrior in 2016’s Batman vs. Superman, Israeli actress Gal Gadot will get her starring turn in the stand-alone Wonder Woman film, which is set for a 2017 release.

Justice League

Justice League (2017)

Director Zack Snyder will gather Batman vs. Superman stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot to reprise their roles in this ensemble feature, which hopes to rival Marvel’s successful Avengers franchise. The film will also feature Aquaman, Cyborg, and other superheroes from the DC universe.

The Flash

The Flash (2018)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower star Ezra Miller will play Barry Allen, aka The Flash, in a 2018 feature film about the speedy superhero. The film is unrelated to the current show on The CW starring Grant Gustin.  Please The Flash on the CW network.


Aquaman (2018)

Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is attached to play the sea-dwelling superhero in 2018’s Aquaman stand-alone feature.

Zack Synder JL 2

Justice League 2 (2019)

Director Zack Snyder is also attached to helm the Justice League sequel, which is set for release in 2019.


Shazam (2019)

Dwayne Johnson is attached to play villain Black Adam in 2019’s Shazam, a movie about DC’s magical superhero also known as Captain Marvel. Also it’s a 1970’s Saturday morning feature. If they make this? Will Isis appear? Another Saturday morning from the 1970’s.


Cyborg (2020)

Newcomer Ray Fisher, best known for portraying Muhammad Ali in the off-Broadway play Fetch Clay, will play the title role in Cyborg after portraying the character in Batman vs. Superman and the Justice League movies.

Fisher tweeted this photo on Nov. 3, 2014, writing, “Big meeting at Warner Bros. this afternoon…I hope you’re ready! #borglife #justiceleague.”

Green Latern

Green Lantern ( 2020)

DC plans to reboot the Green Lantern franchise in 2020 after a 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds was a critical and box office flop.

“Professor Crumbs” Ian Abercrombie Wizards of Waverly Place dies at 77

Ian Abercrombie, a busy character actor who gained recognition as Elaine Benes’ (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) eccentric boss Mr. Pitt on NBC’s Seinfeld, died Thursday in Hollywood. He was 77.

Abercrombie seemed to be always working, appearing in scores of films, TV shows and theater productions during his 50-year-plus career in show business. The British actor made his American stage debut in 1955 in a production of Stalag 17 opposite Jason Robards, played the Wise Man in Sam Raimi’s comedy-horror film Army of Darkness (1972)

and was 800-year-old wizard Professor Crumbs on Disney Channel hit Wizards of Waverly Place.

Abercrombie also had a recurring role as Palpatine/Darth Sidious on George Lucas’ animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, did voice work on animation hit Rango this year and, just before his death, completed his work on the latest episode of the Green Lantern animated series for Cartoon Network.

Green Lantern off with a flying start

If you are a sifi and a comic book fan, then Green Lantern is your thing, this movie packs a punch of CGI in this film, it is no comparison to the other sifi fans out there.

Ryan Reynolds, plays Hal and Green Latern, the disguise is obvious, we can tell he is the Green Lantern. His love interest is Blake lively plays Carol Ferris. She plays an army pilot and so does Hal. The plot is a talented yet arrogant test pilot, is the chosen recipient of a mysterious green ring that grants him both superhuman powers and entry into an elite corps of intergalactic warriors. This group is charged with saving the universe from the evil Parallax.

Blake Lively stars in hit CW TV series in “Gossip Girl.” Her big break was the role of Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005). For the Green Lantern, she was not given the part of Carol Ferris. She had to audition for the part. The other actress who auditions for the role was Jennifer Garner, if she had audition, for Wonder Woman it will be great for her and her career. When would “Wonder Woman” come to the big screen or small screen, we will never know?  We need some female superhero roles. Blake has a half-sister by the name of Robin Lively, who appeared on “Doogie Howser, M.D.” and “Teen Witch.” Blake was the class president at Burbank High.  She sang in her high school choir and born in Tarzana,California.  Blake has been sighted with Leonardo DiCaprio.  She was ranked the most beautiful women in Maxim Magazine in 2008 and 2010.

Ryan Reynolds began is acting in  1991-93, Ryan appeared in “Fifteen” (1990) (aka “Fifteen”). A Nickleodeon series taped inFloridawith many other Canadian actors. After the series ended, he returned toVancouverwhere he played in a series of forgettable TV movies. He did small roles in Glenn Close’s Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story(1995) (TV) and CBS’s update of In Cold Blood (1996) (TV). However, his run of luck had led him to decide to quit acting. In 1997, he landed the role of Berg in “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place” (1998). On an episode of “The Outer Limits” (1995). He played a ghost trapped in a haunted house. Ironically, in The Amityville Horror (2005), he played a living man trapped in a haunted house. He was offered the role of “Xander” in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997).

Since he had to do a lot of flying in The Green Lantern he had a fear of flying since he once went skydiving and parachute failed to open at the first attempt. He landed in the Ocean and got rescued.

The movie is not that bad, since The Green Lantern is playing in a theater near you, it’s worth seeing this movie. If people say it’s a bad movie, they haven’t seen it, or either they walked out in the middle of the movie and expected something else. It is a good movie if you are a sifi and comic book fan, if not, the hotdog wiener wasn’t on the menu. I was hungry.