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Everybody is comparing  Skyscraper(2018) to Die Hard (1988), do you think Bruce Willis will do another Die Hard movie, in a skyscraper again? Absolutely not, that’s why we have Dwayne Johnson “The Rock,” and he did it a little better than Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is a little older.

Noah Cottrell
Noah Cottrell – His first Major movie

The tallest skyscraper in the world is the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, which stands up to 2,717 feet and have 163 floors. The movie version is 3,000 feet. Is that tall? How would you walk your cat?  And are you afraid of heights? And they have several lobbies and parks inside the building to create their ecosystem in the building. I like the turbine wind power to create its energy, and the future is coming soon.  

I am glad they are taking the classic blockbuster movies from the 1980’s to a new era in filmmaking and share it and give it a new twist in this technological world of today. The classics are great and different, the acting was incredible with famous actors, back then, now we have to recognize new and future actors to bring good characters to the screen.

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell was famous for the Scream movies franchise, which made her famous. Other movies such as The Craft and the Canterville Ghost. I like the Wild Things, that was my favorite, and I love The Party of Five (1994) on FOX, still my favorite show, that’s how she got started. If the millennium people don’t know about this, just because they weren’t born yet or did not know. Sorry. They are doing a reboot of the Party of Five, don’t know the details, but Neve Campbell would not be in it. It would be a different family. I hope Neve Campbell would get better film and TV roles.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and he is a blockbuster actor, and he is doing more movies in the next fives year from now. He is a busy actor, and I hope they put Neve Campbell in the film with him, they got along together.

McKenna Roberts
Mckenna Roberts

The story is Will Ford is a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran, and now he works for security for skyscrapers. How did get that job? He works at the tallest and safest building in the world, in China and his family lives in the building penthouse. When suddenly a fire breaks out and Will Ford is framed for it. A wanted man on the run. Will must find the people who are responsible and clear his name and rescue his family, in which there are trapped inside the burning building, above the fire line.


Go see it this weekend.   





Ballers Season 3 Review

Dwayne Johnson stars as Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL player who must navigate his new career of choice as the financial manager of other NFL players while dealing with the possibility that his football career has left him with a traumatic brain injury.

I have seen, and it is a funny and interesting show to watch. It had me laughing. Get the DVD and binge the series before Season four starts this summer!

Pre-Order Ballers Season 3

Baller 1

San Andreas vs The Rock

San Andres MP

I have just seen San Andreas, the earthquake movie starring the Rock, Dwayne Johnson. How would I describe it? It could be the next ride in Disney Land. It was supposed to be for 3D screens, but for normal screens too. The action sequence and CGI were awesome amazing and it looked real. I hope this film get’s nominated for an Oscar, for outstanding visual effects. Without them, it will look like someone shaking the table and a fake wall would come down. The 3D effects were implied in the film. The action was coming at you. The debris and total destruction was all over. Massive. And who comes and save the “The Rock” his daughter is not that bad at all. She almost died. I cried. Did you cried too? I need her.

Here are some facts about California Earthquakes

1680 Coachella Valley earthquake: This obscure quake is of interest to scientists because of its location – the southern end of the San Andreas Fault. The epicenter was believed to be somewhere between Indio and Palm Springs in Riverside County. This is the last known major quake of the largest, most dangerous fault line in the state of California. The magnitude was estimated to be about a 7.7.

1857 Fort Tejon earthquake: About 217 miles (349 km) were ruptured in central and southern California. Though it is known as the Fort Tejon earthquake, the epicenter is thought to have been located far to the north, just south of Parkfield. Two deaths were reported. The magnitude was about 7.9.

1906 San Francisco earthquake: About 267 miles (430 km) were ruptured in Northern California. The epicenter was near San Francisco. At least 3000 people died in the earthquake and subsequent fires. The magnitude was estimated to be 7.8.

1989 Loma Prieta earthquake: About 25 miles (40 km) were ruptured (although the rupture did not reach the surface) near Santa Cruz, California, causing 63 deaths and moderate damage in certain vulnerable locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Moment magnitude was about 6.9. The earthquake also postponed Game 3 of the 1989 World Series at Candlestick Park. This quake occurred on October 17, 1989, at approximately 5:04 P.M. PDT.

2004 Parkfield earthquake: On September 28, 2004, at 10:15 A.M. PDT, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the Parkfield area. It was felt across the state, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

How can we survival an Earthquake, like the pervious one that happen in Nepal in April 2015.

Here are some ways one survive a natural disasters.

  1. Have two-way radios. Cell phones can work but the cell towers can be destroyed in destruction. Or have an Apple watch. It’s nice to have something hands free.
  2. Have MRE – Meals Ready to Eat they come in packages, so your mom’s meatloaf can taste much better.
  3. Know CPR. Did you notice in the movie. Dwayne Johnson was lip singing to himself to the Bee Gee’s hit song Stayin’ Alive . That’s how he save his daughter. That should have been me. Or the two brothers. Please know CPR. You can save a life!
  4. Laser pointers can be dangerous, but it can save a life for signally for help.
  5. Have a car jack. A tire jack. To lift heavy objects
  6. Be a stronger swimmer.
  7. Work out like Dwayne Johnson!

Did you know that Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino worked to together in Faster & Race to Witch Mountain? And also with Matt Gerald with Dwayne Johnson in Faster & GI Joe 2? And second film featuring Carla Gugino and Matt Gerald in Faster. And second, film to feature Dwayne Johnson, Matt Gerald and Carla Gugino Second film to feature Dwayne Johnson and Janell Islas in Furious 7.

By the way and we hear this many times and people still don’t understand. Don’t look at your text messages when driving your vehicle just be safe to your destination! Ugh!


Alexandra Daddario is an American actress and model best known for playing Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series. She also appeared in films like Texas Chainsaw 3D, Hall Pass and the disaster film San Andreas. She also has guest-starred in TV shows including White Collar, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and appeared in the first season of True Detective.

carla_guginoCarla Gugino is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Ingrid Cortez in the Spy Kids film trilogy, Sally Jupiter in Watchmen (2009), Dr. Vera Gorski in Sucker Punch (2011), and as the lead characters of the television series Karen Sisco and Threshold. Her feature film work includes starring roles in Son in Law (1993), Night at the Museum (2006), American Gangster (2007), Race to Witch Mountain (2009), Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011) and San Andreas (2015). Gugino has had lead roles in the television miniseries Political Animals (2010) and Wayward Pines (2015) on FOX network playing now.

Dwayne Johnson

.Dwayne Johnson’s first leading film role was in The Scorpion King in 2002. For this role, he was paid US $5.5 million, a world record for an actor in his first starring role. He has since appeared in several films, including The Rundown, The Game Plan, Get Smart, The Other Guys and Faster. As an actor, he is perhaps best known for his portrayals of Luke Hobbs in The Fast and the Furious franchise. He also hosted and produced The Hero, a reality competition series.

Also, did you know there’s a 14 year age difference between Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario? He’s older than her.

Overall, it’s great action pack adventure film.

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