A Supermodel Got Fired

If you have been watching Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, there were fire works and someone went home. The task was to come up with a jingle, brand messaging and performance for the Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance.

Dayana is the Project Manager for Forte. She’s already butting heads with Lisa, her teammates and her relationship with Clay Aiken is not much better.  Dayana and Lisa nearly come to a blow, and Lisa pretty much calls Dayana stupid and a liar, in which I totally agree with Lisa.  How come when you look pretty, attractive and have a super model look  or the  Miss universe look, they started to act dumb  when there’s a smart person in the room, and they want to win a task.  Dayana is a supermodel without a brain, and she doesn’t know much of the music industry when they have Clay Aiken, and she wanted Debbie Gibson to come back?  Just because Dayana likes to show off her body by looking seductive and showing curves on her body is being creative?  Sorry I was masturbating when I wrote that.  When Lisa was arguing and complaining to Dayana and Dayana wanted respect from her. Dayana should do something like – work! I don’t care if Dayana was the project manager for the project. If Dayana was working with the group, she could get respect.  A project manager should get involved, not just sit back and relax and look cool or hot.  She was asking for trouble anyway.  Dayanna was giving the evil look or stare towards her team mates, and that spark a fire with Lisa. Lisa wanted her to do something. In a real business, everybody should get involved, even when there’s nothing else to do, get drinks and snack for the group – but test out the drink, before you drink it – sorry kitty. Their project failed, in the beginning Dyanna was not being supportive in the group and so Dyanna was fired.  When Dayanna, Lisa and Clay were leaving they hug, Lisa was wolverine and her claws came out and slashed her partner, my imagination.

Arsenio was the leader for Unanimous, and they have the same task too to do, their project won. Arsenio and Aubery have their love and hate relationship. Even though Arsenio said “No” to a few times to Aubrey, Aubrey doesn’t listen to him. She just pushes him to do so, even though it’s not right to do and want to win the task, in a business we must learn how to listen to one another.  Since Aubrey is the creative one and seems to be smart, she does like to get involved in every aspect to win the competition, but we must learn how to listen to another and give them a full attention.

Is there another way to LOL?

You know what drives me crazy. It’s people who send me emails with silly abbreviations like LOL in the text in their facebook status.
You probably know what it means – “Laughing Out Loud” or “Living on Lake. I suspect a hyena laugh when someone sends me this. Instead LOL wouldn’t be easy to type Hah, Hah, Hah, hah, Ho, Ho, Ho, Hah, Hah, Hah, and Hee, Hee, hee, hee – Whew. My favorite would be nyuk, nyuk, nyuk from the three stooges.

I am trying to be creative here instead of using LOL. How about KIO which stands “Knock it out” or about YCLN which stands for “You can laugh now”. How about calling that person and tell a humorous story about yourself and then you can laugh and send a message in facebook one O’ clock in the morning!!

Are the people really LOL when you tell a funny story or just pretending or probably too lazy to laugh. Laughing is good for your health. It makes you look younger. Ha , Ha, Ha. See I am laughing. You can’t tell, but I am laughing. Is there a booger hanging from you nose? See, I made you look and I am laughing at you. Ha, ha, ha. Right now I am FOTCWLOL which stands for “Falling off the chair while laughing out loud.” Good one? Do you have bandages on your thumbs? Then it will be difficult for you to text while you are on your cell phone. Especially when you are sitting on your commode and  it could slip and fall in the toilet bowl – Eew gross. Not a good idea.

The keyboard on your computer is much easier than your cell phone and your thumbs could reach all the letters. What about the abbreviations on the text – what I called it, is broken English language.

Do you speak the same way? Can’t. Hear. You. Bad reception. Click, the static noise in between the words. You better switch over to Verizon so they can hear you now. I like real words when I write emails or even send a text message, if people send me broken spelling words. I see that people have missing letters on their keyboards or they can’t see the letters because they are typing too much.

Disclaimer: It’s just a funny article story. I thought it would be funny to write. No offense with people with cell phones and texting. Just LOL.