UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth

If you believe in UFOs or not or if you believe in Aliens or not. You would believe this. The government did cover up UFO’s and aliens over the past 70 years, and you would not believe what they found.  Even the military knew about this and never told us until now.

Here are several true stories from the military who witness of what they saw and they were threatened by the Men in Black if a word about UFOs and aliens exist today.

UFO Vietnam 1

In 1968, in the South China seas in Vietnam, there was a close encounter of the attack kind. American patrol boats reported two glowing circular craft following them in the demilitarized zone that separated North and South Vietnam. What the witnessed saw, was a UFO over the second patrol boat and blasted the boat with a flash of light followed by an explosion. The crew was shocked by what happened. They were pointing their guns at the UFO and was about to shoot at it until it blasted one of their boats.

It was the summer of 1968, where a fighter jet was chasing a UFO, the UFO was doing barrel rolls while flying close to the jet and the jet was shooting at it and then shot a missile at it, the UFO was much faster and it got away.

An Australian destroyer took a hit and they never found any enemy but this caused a war of what they never saw who it was coming. What they were shooting at? They never knew who was attacking them.

dead alein body 1

An alien was shot dead. It was a snowing morning in January 1978, where UFOs were sighted flying over Fort Dix and McGuire AFB, adjacent military bases. Air Force security patrol was ordered to the back gate of the McGuire AFB to allow entry to New Jersey State Police who were searching for something.


Army Base 1

Wright Patterso Base 1

One of the airmen on duty was Sgt. Jeff Morse, he told the state trooper that he was being pursued by a low flying UFO that hovered over his car. He then looked out in front of his vehicle and saw a creature with a large head and a slender body. Sgt. Morse could not believe what he saw. It was an alien staring at him in front of his car and then it walked away. In a panic, Sgt. Morse got out from his car, took out his 45-automatic gun and started to shoot at it in the blinding snowfall. Not knowing where it was.

Sgt. Morse and a colleague found the Alien body lying on the runway. The place was roped off the area as a “crime scene.”

Sgt. Morse and his colleagues were taken to an airbase in Ohio and they went through an intense interrogation of not to talk about it or they would be consequences on them and their families. They signed a form for they would never talk about it or what they saw.






UFO sighting in Elizabeth City North Carolina

In August 1978, in Elizabeth City, NC many people in the Pasquotank county have spotted an UFO. Reports were coming from Poplar Branch, Nags Head, Nixonton, and other areas too.

L. Warrens Riggs, a probation officer for Camden and Pasquotank counties, said with two others friends saw a UFO in the community of Riddle in Camden. Riggs said Edward S. Cahoon and Elvin Gregory spotted a round, saucer – shaped object approximated 1,500 feet of the ground. The object had orange-colored lights spaced 2 feet apart. Riggs said two of the lights had a greenish tint and there was a two bright lights on top of the space craft. “All of the sudden it was coming towards us and then it stopped.” Riggs said, “It stayed for two minutes and we did not hear any noise.” Riggs said the UFO moved with great speed two miles toward the Pasquotank river, stopped for a few moments and then it continues on it course. He said he told nobody of the sighting except his wife, until he read a Sunday newspaper report. He then Colon Grandy Jr., who first reported the UFO sighting Thursday night to the Elizabeth City Coast Guard Air Station. Grandy described the object as disc-shaped about 75 yards in diameter and having 12-15 brilliant evenly-spaced orange light around its sides. He said he spotted the object after leaving a workshop at the rear of his home in Poplar beach.

Dr. S.A. Khan, professor of Biology at Elizabeth City State University said he and his wife and family sighted an object around 8:30 p.m. Thursday while visiting at a farm house renovating on Four Forks Road. Khan said the object had six oranges – blue lights that flashed on and off. He said the UFO was approximately one-half mile from their location and moved swiftly at an altitude of about 300-400 feet.

Grandy said today that he had receive at least a dozen calls from people as far away as Nags Head, saying that they had also seen similar objects on the same day and at similar times. A spoke man for the National Weather Service said it was “very unlikely” that one of its balloons could have been in the Poplar Brand area at the of the sighting.However, the Federal Aviation Administration is virtually impossible to determine if there was any airplane activity in the area at the time.

A Coast Guard spoke man indicated that the base in Elizabeth City had dispatched no aircraft at the sighting times Thursday night. The Center for UFO studies in Evanston, Ill., said that it would probably investigation of the UFO sightings in a few days. The center is headed by Dr. J Allen Hyneck, scientific director, who worked as a civilian consulted for US Air Force Project Bluebook.

Dallas: A New Beginning

The drama is back in Dallas, and J.R. Ewing is always conniving evil to get back his land from his brother Bobby, remember like father and son. The sons of the two Christopher, Bobby’s adopted son and John Ross J.R. Ewing son. John Ross wants the land because it has oil, and John Ross wants the power of the oil and so do we. Have you seen the gas price around my town? A little higher than unexpected, but if we drill in our back yard and sell in theUSstates will it be cheaper?

This new “Dallas,'” dubbed a “sweeping family epic” and not a nighttime soap opera by its creators, introduces the next generation of theEwingclan and puts those characters alongside J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen from the 1978-91 series. It picks up some 20 years later in the lives of the warring family members.

We last saw J.R. after he was losing Ewing oil to Cliff Barnes control of Southfork to Bobby, and being abandoned by his wife and children; a drunk and despondent J.R. begins walking around the ranch alone with a loaded gun wishing he had never been born. A gunshot is later fired in J.R.’s bedroom as Bobby returns to Southfork, and he rushes up to J.R.’s room and gasps, saying, “Oh, my God!” as the series ends. (Get the DVD of “Dallas”)

Two decades since viewers last saw them. The Ewings are back. Television’s first family of drama, sabotage, secrets and betrayal are gathering at Southfork Ranch for the upcoming wedding of Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher, to Rebecca Sutter. Although the occasion is joyous, an old family rivalry crosses generations after secret oil drilling on Southfork results in a major gusher. Everyone has his or her own agenda when the fight over oil and land threatens to tear the Ewings apart once again.

J.R.’s son, John Ross (played byHenderson), plots with his aging tycoon father to take over Southfork and drill for valuable oil on the property, for example. Meanwhile, Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher (Metcalfe), is trying to wean the family from crude and shift to Earth-friendly alternative fuel, with Bobby’s financial backing. Head butting and double crossing ensue.

Elena ( Jordana Brewster) the daughter of the Ewings’s cook  is now with John Ross, even though it’s clear she did have a romantic fling with Christopher before she met John Ross. So she’s with John Ross ( J. R. Ewing’s son).

Ann, (Brenda Strong), Bobby’s new wife. I like her. She’s a strong woman, and Bobby has chosen a good wife ever since Pamela left Bobby long ago in previous years and episodes ago.  During the first season of Dallas Pamela Barnes Ewing looked like Kim Kardashian when she was young. Do you think? Victoria Principal will not come back, but once the show progresses and becomes a hit some where down the future ofDallas, we will never know. But keep watching.

Rebecca ( Julie Gonzalo) is Christopher new wife, and they are getting married. During the wedding slash reunion, they were few cast members from the original show getting together. Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) got older, and she will come back for a couple of episodes. Steve Kanaly (Ray Krebbs), Cliff Barnes (Kenny Kercheval) they will also come back for a couple of episodes too.

Here’s the family Tree link to get a better understand of the family drama.

If people think the plot or story is wrong for the newDallas, that’s what they do best. Back stabbing and black mailing that’s what they do best. Exciting drama.

It looks like Bobby want to steer away from the oil business and try alternative’s way to stay in the business tycoon – that’s good.

So far Dallas is holding up by it’s name. Watch Dallas on TNT on Wednesday night at nine pm.